Friday, 7 June 2013

Cocorose London Flats

I've been spending a lot of time in heels - as in all the time. Even I'm a little surprise with my tolerance for them - who doesn't love a good heel right? But I recently did cave on day on my way home. Luckily, I had flats in my bag - foldable flats to be exact.

 photo DSCF3748_zpsdd7bee9d.jpg

Sunglasses - House of Harlow
Top - H&M
Skirt - River Island

 photo DSCF3749_zpsdc546fa6.jpg

Cocorose London do amazing flats, and they're so comfortable. What I love is the practicality - in that they fit perfectly in your bag. Cocorose flats are foldable and even come with a small pouch so you can fit them easily in your handbag. I really think it's time for me to embrace more flats in my life. They're just so comfortable. Cocorose London have an amazing selection of flats, in all kinds of styles and colours.

 photo DSCF3766_zps77c8bccb.jpg

Also, my neighbours cat decided to come out and play. Isn't he gorgeous. I aptly named him Frodo a while back; I am essentially that cool. And he absolutely loved playing with the shoes while I was wearing them.

 photo DSCF3758_zps5c218d7d.jpg

I am so glad that we finally have a proper summer...finally. I've put away all my winter boots and have bought out all my heels and flats. These Cocorose ones will definitely a permanent fixture in my bag, right next to my keys and wallet. They fold up so well and take up very little room.

 photo DSCF3759_zpsa55f08f9.jpg

 photo DSCF3762_zpsdbdf6407.jpg

 photo DSCF3744_zps337a3f15.jpg

Do you have any foldable flats? I recommend them for sure.

Sherin xx

16 comments: said...

You are really chic!

Imogen said...

I want your skirt!!! It is the perfect colour, shape and pattern. Gorgeous shoes too.

Cee said...

What cute flats! I'm really intrigued by the idea of foldable flats since I almost always carry a spare pair of shoes, but so far I haven't really found any that suit my style - but I love your pair, so I must investigate Cocorose London :) And Frodo is adorable, he reminds me a lot of our neighbour's cat who often comes over to play.

Liquorish Online said...

Nice Goggles and awesome color combination of skirt and shirt.

Cafe Fashionista said...

LOVE love those shoes, Sherin - the textured cap-toe is adorbs! :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I've been wanting a pair of foldable flats for YEARS. In fact, I swear I first saw the concept on your blog. You either featured this brand or another brand...several years you remember? I swear it was you...or maybe when you shared a blog with Leila....?

Okay, now that's all I'm going to be thinking about all day: who introduced me to the foldable flats. Haha!

Anyway, you look like a doll here. A beautiful stylish doll who hangs out with Ashton and Mila. ;)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Aaaand just looked over my comment and realized I spelled Leia's name wrong. Awesome. :S


I love the skirt! And, the flats are adorable, I have to keep a pair of flats in my handbag because you just never know some days ... it's very helpful! Enjoy the w/e. Madison

Sofies closet said...

So cute outfit :D

Couture Carrie said...

Cute flats.
And cute cat!!


HazelxJoy said...

I think I could make a little room in my bag for these!
Huge love for Frodo!

Unknown said...

Those shoes are super cute, but the cat is totally stealing the show!

Lauren Dimesky said...

You have such a young and refreshing sense of style! the foldable flats are very Chanel-like!! Your cat is so so precious trying to be the center of attention in the photos!!!

Lauren at adorn la femme

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

I'm team 'flat shoes' and despite my resolution to wear heels more often I always get ballerinas! It may be because of their elegance and comfort...not sure! Your pair of Cocorose London are so pretty and the mix of fabrics and the pyton details make them even more chic! Take care, Caterina

Susu Paris Chic said...

So cute and girly! Your neighbor's cat is adorable, too. I'm a real cat lover. We need both heels and flats - just like rain and sunshine.

Natalie said...

You are so thin! Anything would look divine on you!

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