Tuesday, 23 April 2013

ghd; Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

My hair is my pride and joy, with ghd being my go to for both stylers and products. Everything smells so nice and nothing compares to the shine and finishing you get when you do your hair with a pair of ghd's. I'm not the only one who thinks so with designers using the ghd team during Fashion Weeks every season. London College of Fashion, PPQ and David Koma all had the ghd team on hand to create the upcoming season's hottest hair trends. 

 photo DSCF3139_zps31d62aa3.jpg

I was invited by ghd to check out these hair looks properly last week and see exactly how they were achieved. 
David Koma had the sleek ponytail - it's a classic look and ghd did a great job perfecting it so that it matched the clothes on display. It was simple to get with a centre parting, and the hair being perfectly straightened, then pulled back into a low ponytail. To compete the look and give it that edge, the the final tips are to loosen the hairband and pull strands out around the face. I thought this looked so lovely and simple - definitely one for the summer.

 photo DSCF3146_zps5555923d.jpg

The PPQ hair look was incredible and so glam. The beehive used was inspired by the early 90's and ghd made the style easy to use, with the key tip being using hairspray throughout, instead of just at the end to finish the look. The beehive was also achieved by using a large hair doughnut to create the ultimate shape.

 photo DSCF3149_zps3256e823.jpg

London College of Fashion's 'Neo Grunge' look was probably my favourite. It's an easy going hairstyle, and one that doesn't take too long to create. It's done with the straighteners, styling the hair so that it's coming forward, and on to the face. The new ghd Eclipse straighteners (which work amazingly) are also used to create a bit of volume as well. My friend and I both had this look done on the evening, and it was such a fun look to pull off.

 photo DSCF3140_zpsf17dfc6c.jpg

 photo DSCF3153_zps22676cf1.jpg

 photo 2013-04-17194758_zps467fa45f.jpg

I also went to Breakthrough Breast Cancer's offices a few weeks ago and managed a sneak peek at the new Fashion Targets Breast Cancer collection. I love that so many brands get involved every year and this year see's Marks & Spenser, Topshop, River Island, My Wardrobe, Coast and a lot more getting involved with some gorgeous look. 
The theme this year is based on unity and how we're stronger together - and this years campaign aims to see mother's and daughters uniting with the line 'Wear Your Support'.

The collection is really stylish and I was impressed by some of the clothes I saw. Coast had some really pretty dresses, while Topshop had some really stylish and cool pieces that will be wearable for any occasion this summer, no matter your age, style or budget. I love how it was easy to see what was for the mothers and what was for the daughters, and how sweet the two looks will look together. I definitely recommend checking out the collections and don't forget to Wear Your Support (even if it's just with the River Island bracelets, which I'm sporting below).

 photo Fashiontargets_zps5acedf29.jpg

This year see's mother/daughter duos as ambassadors, with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne and Pearl and Daisy Lowe all getting involved.

And this Friday (26th April) is Fashion Target's Friday too. The charity are working to get schools and colleges involved in 'own-clothes' days. Certain schools are doing fun parties and fashion shows, while students will be wearing their own clothes for the charity. I know the aim is to get the workplace involved too, so I'm definitely going to get involved and wear something a bit more fun on Friday.

Rosie Fortescue is the face of the campaign and is urging everyone to style a look and sign up to the event. Breast Cancer is something that affects so many women all over the world, so it's nive to get involved with something like this. 

Sherin xx


Michaela said...

I do love my GHD's, nothing compares, I was heartbroken when I thought they weren't working! The second event looks great, and for such a worthwhile cause too. The mothers and daughters theme is a great idea to draw in different generations!

Cee said...

I've heard so many good things about GHD, but never tried the line myself... the price tag keeps me away, at least from the stylers :S However, having seen the amazing hair in this post, I'm seriously considering that the investment must be worth it - everyone's hair, including yours, looks incredible!

Couture Carrie said...

Looks like a fabulous event!
Love that pink dress!


Cafe Fashionista said...

The hair is just FABULOUS - I love ghD. And anything that supports breast cancer is incredible, in my opinion! :)

monica said...

i'v never used ghd products, but maybe i should start...

Marlen said...

I love that neo-grunge look- it's so effortlessly sexy and tousled. Too bad when I try it I just look like the wind beat up my hair haha. And holy SMOKES that BEEHIVE! That's so gorgeous and retro. If I learned how to whip that up I'd wear that all day err day

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

ana said...

Great post Sherin! the pink dress in the model is amazing!

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