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Fashion Through the Ages with Warner Brother's

Warner Brothers is hitting it's 90th Anniversary this week and, to celebrate, I thought I'd have a look at some of their most iconic looks. Warner Bro's has been home to many films through the ages, from Harry Potter to Sex and the City and Batman. They've worked with some incredible costume designers and have some absolutely brilliant looks in some of their movies.

The looks from these films have also had a massive impact on the fashion world and it's been so much fun comparing what's worn in the films to what's being seen on the catwalks, and how they've inspired what we wear, even if in a more subtle way.

Beetlejuice is known for the infamous horizontal stripes, that are actually all over the highstreet at the moment. I know I've seen a lot of people in trousers with horizontal black and white trousers, and they look really cool. They were all over the catwalks too, with Moschino having a pretty amazing monochrome collection for SS13.

 photo Beetlejuice_zps2cd406b5.jpg

 photo Moschinoss133_zpsbb087413.jpg

 photo Moschinoss134_zps22e6a3b9.jpg

Neverending Story is one of those films I know I've always needed to watch. It's on every Christmas and I was try to watch it or record it but sadly never get round to it. I've heard it's such a fantastic film and I'm determined to watch it now. It looks like it has some gorgeous fashion too. This white dress is stunning and gives such an elegant vibe. A flowy white dress like this has been seen countless times before and looks so pretty. And I am really in love with the headpiece!

 photo THE_NEVERENDING_STORY_004_zps3de3be6e.jpg

Harry Potter is still on of my favourite franchises. I grew up on the books and know each film like the back of my hand. My favourite thing about going back and watching the films is definitely watching the evolution of Emma Watson and her style. No denying that she's turned into a gorgeous young lady. We remember her bushy hair and slightly larger uniform from the first few Harry Potters, and she has grown up so well. She's recently done a shoot for GQ, and boy does she look INCREDIBLE!

 photo EmmWaa_zpsfedec3f8.jpg

 photo EmmaWatsonGQ_zpsffc61889.jpg

LA Confidential is a movie I've not heard of before, but judging by the fashion, it's one I definitely have watch, and soon! I gave it a Google and it looks so interesting, not to mention has some of my favourite actors in it. I love Kevin Spacey! But it's Kim Basinger's style in the film that really stands out for me. And with a winter like this, I really need a hooded cape like the below to keep me warm!

 photo LA_CONDFIDENTIAL_0033_zps3ae83bd2.jpg

Gone with the Wind is another absolute classic from the Warner Library, and another one I've yet to watch. It looks really good and the fashions really stand out too. I love this corset below, and how unique and amazing is the red gown below?

 photo GONE_WITH_THE_WIND_0042_zps9c62ee6c.jpg

 photo GONE_WITH_THE_WIND_0062_zps52a44ed7.jpg

Which Warner Brother's fashion is your favourite?

Sherin xx

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Warner Bros. today, we’re taking a look back at nine decades of iconic film fashion from the Warner library

These titles are available from 15th April on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital
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Cee said...

Warner Brothers has had some truly iconic looks in their films over the years - Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind was the epitome of style to me when I was about ten. Who can argue with all that red velvet?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Emma Watson on the cover of GQ is so. gorgeous. I cannot wait to see The Bling Ring! :)

danniekate said...

oh man! so much to choose from...xx

Cinz said...

Oh i loveed Gone with the wind, it was such a classic! I still remember i got off school one day and it was on the telly and i just started watching it until the ending.

Gosh, Emma Watson has definitely blossomed! I always find it sad when i see how she's grown up because it makes me feel old, lol...but yes she's gone a long way since her messy hair days in Harry Potter.

Great recaps of Warner bro classics, Sherin, love them all!!!


Imogen said...

I never would have thought of those comparisons but that is so true. I love those two black and white cat walk looks.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Haha I'm still not sure I'm big on Beetlejuice fashion because it still looks a lil cartoony to me. Those big black and white stripes. Lol. But I love the other movies mentioned, especially L.A. Confidential. Her style was stunning in that film. If I remember correctly, it paid tribute to film noir, which is always a good thing. ;)

Allison said...

Okay, I feel so much better that I'm not the only one who has never seen Gone with the Wind!
Beetlejuice fashion still gets me - I can't figure out how I feel about it. You selected gorgeous films to commemorate, darling! xox

Harriet said...

Beatlejuice is the best! Love that film, and was definitely inspired by the style when I was 15 or 16!

Style Eyes said...

I loved the Never Ending Story. I used to watch it over and over!

Couture Carrie said...

Very cool post, darling!
Love the Gone with the Wind costumes!


Tonis Ton said...

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could visit my blog too. We can also follow each other if you like! :)
very nice!!! thanks for sharing!!!!


Shulamit E said...

You should also check The Imitation of Life 1957 version. Fantastic acting and style :)

Xlovehappyx said...

thanks for sharing about the sheets in the above post. i sleep the same way, pretty much haha

ana said...

you should read the book of the neverending story is so awesome! it was my very first novel... I love that story!

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