Saturday, 30 March 2013

Behind the Scenes with Warehouse

I had a great morning a few days ago, where I got to do a mini photoshoot with Warehouse, as part of their #PostcardsFromShoreditch campaign, where they get bloggers wearing Warehouse around Shoreditch. I actually work in Shoreditch, and spend a lot of time there, so I know the area well and it has a pretty place in my heart.

It was a lot of fun spending an hour or so taking pictures around Liverpool Street Station - where at one point we were even told off by a security guard! It was a bit cold, so you can see me shivering in the picture with my coat off, haha! But I had such a great time, and it was worth it.

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures:

 photo bf4dd2e2-0820-4056-9837-d01b2181d0c9_zpsef51dd21.jpg

 photo f2d68d07-3e22-4cac-8d6e-dc6bd64f2756_zps57eadb65.jpg

 photo 7e0072df-20a3-4a30-a516-aa5a19c4b5c0_zpscffe65d3.jpg

My jeans, coat, and two tops are from Warehouse, and I'll show them more in detail when I get the final pictures, along with where to get them from.

Sherin xx


Tanisha E said...

you are looking so fabulous. work it out!

Heidi-likes said...

You look awesome, I love warehouse - they have such pretty new things in store :)

Johanna L. said...

Great surroundings for outfit photos :) Can't wait to see the final pictures! ♥ xo

Sierra said...

That station is gorgeous and so are you, which makes for a perfect combo. ;)

Ida said...

You look so good Sherin The pic most be so great :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I immediately recognised this spot near Liverpool Street.


Couture Carrie said...

So awesome!
Love this look!


daniela kate morosini said...

sherin doing some classic sherin posing. love it! xx

The Style Rawr said...

Aww Sherin this sounded like so much fun! Just saw your snap on the Warehouse FB page, what a babe.


Cinz said...

OMg...photoshoot with WAREHOUSE!!!?!!?!? That sounds too good to be true!!!! You lucky thang;) Love your black and khaki color combo!!!!:D

I used to go to Warehouse and Topshop alot!!!! Miss them soo much:(

p.s. why was the security guard telling you off?!!?!? It's no crime to take pics outside the station, now is it!?!? lol

Hope you had a relaxing Easter, Sherin:D


ana said...

I saw your pic in facebook you look awesome!!!!!

Kimberlee said...

So excited for you!! Can't wait to see the final shots :)

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