Friday, 8 February 2013

Summer Shorts

Looking back at these picture, now that I'm in London, I can't believe the sun was so bright...and I can't believe how tanned my legs were. I think this is the most tanned they've ever been. It's so cold here in London, that I'm tempted to hop back on a plane and fly back to Dubai.

 photo DSCF2344_zps7b105a98.jpg

T-shirt - Black Score
Shorts - Boohoo Boutique
Shoes - Lavish Alice

 photo DSCF2350_zps7ca00dee.jpg

This was probably my favourite outfit from Dubai. It was such comfortable and laid back look and perfect for lounging around in. The t-shirt is made from the softest and lightest material, so perfect for the sun. I love the cheek in Blackscore t-shirts - I definitely need to get myself some more.

 photo DSCF2352_zps3ce146f2.jpg

Really love the shorts too - so much in fact that I decided to get an identical pair in another colour too - I've spotted them in a third colour now too, so tempted to get them. They're from the Boohoo Boutique collection (which I'm a massive fan of). The quality is so much better than standard Boohoo, and the clothes all have this lovely, unique look to them. And compared to other places on the high street, it's not that expensive either.

 photo DSCF2355_zps7a1e0b60.jpg

Here's my confused 'what's going on look, which is actually a pretty standard face for me.

 photo DSCF2349_zps9bcfd561.jpg

And this had to be done:

 photo 2013-01-29141143_zpsdcb0be63.jpg

I've only recently really embraced shorts, so I can wait till it gets warmer in London so that I can get a few more pairs and wear them out and about.

Are you a shorts wearer?

Sherin xx


Cee said...

I just love your tee! A Blackscore tee has been on my wishlist for months, but it seems like every time I'm ready to take the plunge, they run out of the one I've chosen - guess that just shows how popular they are :)

Allison said...

You are too cute - your confused face is priceless. I'm loving everything about this! What a fabulous outfit, and I'm still incredibly jealous that you got to go to Dubai!
I can totally see why this was your favorite outfit though - it's perfect! :)

Rosie Kate said...

amazing shorts!

Dressing Up For Me said...

I love how you look here, so fresh and different! I´m missing the sun too, it´s been raining non-stop here since last week.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Those shorts are ADORABLE! Just like YOU!

Ida said...

I love wearing shorts. And yours is so pretty :)
I miss summer!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I love the embellishments on those shorts - so pretty! :)

Kimberlee said...

Meanwhile I'm sitting in a blizzard... haha

Love those shorts and shoes!

Katya R. said...

Looks like you really love cats :)

Thanks for following me, I'm following you too :D

Janine BakeGlueandTrend said...

Lovely outfit, I do wear shorts if it gets hot enough but that is RARE!

Janine xx
Bake, Glue and Trend!

Maria Fallon said...

You look amazing, I love these shorts on you!

Maria xxx

Couture Carrie said...

Very cute look!
Love the flats!


cheap clothes said...

You looks pretty cute with this skirt. So why you want to be confused. But your this face so unique.

Halima - Fashionicide said...

You look so happy! But then again, wouldn't we all if we were in Dubai? Haha.

Love the shorts! I've recently started sporting them, not sure how I survived without them! x

ana said...

Sherin those shorts are so Pretty!!!!

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