Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sequins at 8am - must be Fashion Week

Fashion Week is well and truly upon us. I did a few shows yesterday and if I'm honest, nothing really stood out for me. This time last season I was so inspired by so many gorgeous collections, but this year, nothing has really struck me. Hopefully this will change today and over the next few days, and I hope I'll have some fun collections to write about.

 photo DSCF2583_zpsa303496b.jpg

T-Shirt - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Coat - H&M (I swear I had no idea how much H&M I was wearing when I put my outfit together.)
Shoes - Love Moschino via Sarenza

 photo DSCF2585_zpsa27d5d32.jpg

Now when else can I wear sequins so casually during the day? Although, some people get so overly dressed up for Fashion Week that they make sequins look as casual as a pair of jeans, haha! But I do love injecting some sequins into my day to day life.

And of course - my Fashion Week shoes. I love these shoes and for the last few seasons, they have been the shoe I start my LFW with, so I had to keep up with tradition and wear them on Day 1 again. They always get so much love from street style photographers (while the rest of me is ignored, which is how I like it).

 photo DSCF2586_zps2e7f04ac.jpg

Also, I had a mini makeover thanks to Rimmel, and then was laden with some great products to try, which I'm very excited to do. They were there for The Apartment, so it was perfect to go there, rest my feet, get my hair done and then my make up - such a perfect mid day treat.

I did have one incredible highlight to LFW Day 1. I was casually hanging in the courtyard of Somerset House, avoiding the massive crowd of photographers around Kate Nash and I look over to my side to find one of my biggest music inspirations standing there: Alison Sudol, from A Fine Frenzy. I grew the courage to speak to her and she was the nicest person ever. I can usually compose myself when speaking to people, but I went total fangirl and she was so lovely to speak to. Her music has gotten me through so much over the years, so to stand there and have a conversation about fashion with her made my day for sure.
She even tweeted me after. As you can tell, I'm still fan-girling over this.

 photo 20130215_1403220_zps40566c48.jpg

Have there been any Fashion Week collections standing out for you yet?

Sherin xx


fhenny said...

love your skirt!
looking amazing
style frontier

janettaylor said...

Gorgeous jacket!

Cafe Fashionista said...

The sequins, the look so fabulous for LFW, Sherin! And Kate Nash!!! :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

This post is so fabulous, I don't even know where to BEGIN.

Gahhhhh. Okay.

First, those boots are UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE. So cool. And I love that you can legitimately say you have a pair of "fashion week shoes." Hahaha! So cool.

You look gorgeous. You seem to be glowing in these photos.

And how cool you got to meet one of your fave celebs AND she was super sweet to you! AND tweeted you?!? That's the sign of true fabulousness: when celebs are enamoured with YOU. ;)

Panty Buns said...

I love that glittery H&M skirt!!! I also love the big LFW badge and the alternating dark and light layers. I'm from the other side of the pond and still just learning of collections at London Fashion Week - haven't chosen any favourites yet but am following fashionistas like yourself hoping to read and see more :)


What a fun skirt, love the day sparkle look, and shoes for LFW are so important. Your boots are amazing! Brilliant that you met and spoke to Alison Sudol. xo Have a great w/e.

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Sherin, you look beautiful for your first day at LFW! So cool that you met one of your favourite musician! Have a great time in London and take a lot of picture! Caterina

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous look!
Love the sequins and those awesome boots!


daisychain said...

one season I WILL make it to fashion week! love that skirt x

Colleen Campbell said...

I love those boots and that skirt. They look great on you. I'm doing all my web surfing of LFW tomorrow, so will be interesting to see what stands out for me!

Maria Fallon said...

You look amazing, I love that skirt and those shoes are to DIE for!

Maria xxx

Ida said...

Love your look Sherin :)

Tabitha said...

Wow Sherin, those boots are incredible!

- Tabitha at x

Kimberlee said...

Aww that's so awesome!! I love A Fine Frenzy :)

hehe yeah I don't like the street style photographers taking my pic too. Love those shoes :)

Have fun at LFW and hopefully you'll fall in love with at least one of the collections!

My Men Formal Shirts said...

Come on you have spoiled the outfit with those chained boot.

Janine BakeGlueandTrend said...

you look great, I much prefer this kind of look on someone at fashion week than the completely over the top outfits some people wear, that should be left for the catwalk ladies!!!

How exciting that you got to meet one of your music idols too :)

Janine xx
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