Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Jeanography Jeans

It's no lie that I love a good skinny jeans. It's my go-to outfit and, with my friends, I'm the girl who's known for having a wide range of skinny jeans. Seriously, I have a good 10-15 pairs of skinny jeans in blue, black and grey variations.

 photo DSCF2516_zpsb497abd4.jpg

Shirt - Clothing at Tesco
Jeans - Jeanography
Shoes - Keds (Taylor Swift Limited Edition Red)

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These jeans are from Jeanography, who have a wide variety of jeans, and are launching a 'Fit First Time' service. this month. Basically, when you buy from the service, you will also be sent a size variation, so you can try your chosen pair in another size, and then a recommendation from the site, which will depend on previous orders and answers to some style questions. You can try them all at home, then pick your favourite, and send back the other two.

 photo DSCF2520_zps435f0dcb.jpg

I was asked to pick my favourite pair from the website, which was a cute dark blue pair from James Jeans. They're amazing quality and fit so well. The Fit First Time service means that they will send another size variation of what you pick, as well as another pair, that are picked by them. What's great is that you're sent three different pairs, and you're able to pick which one's you want, that fit best, and then send the other two back with a free returns service. This is fantastic if you're like me, and find that buying jeans online doesn't always go well for me, no matter if the jeans I buy are my size.

 photo DSCF2515_zps7005d0ff.jpg

Alongside these ones that I chose, I was also sent a black pair of  Hudson Nico Super Skinny Jeans, as my recommendation from Jeanography. They did an amazing job picking a pair for me - they were black skinny jeans and fit so well too, and it was a difficult decision to pick which ones I wanted, but there was something so special about the James Jeans ones that made me pick them. They were called James Jeans Twiggy Mid Rise and are the softest denim ever; they fit like an absolute dream. I love that they stock a whole range of brands and when they send a recommendation, it's nice to discover a brand that you normally wouldn't.

 photo DSCF2517_zps931c4c86.jpg

I'm also rocking a pair of Red Keds, which I love. They're the limited edition Taylor Swift ones and are perfect for a little run around day of errands, especially in the rain! Like all Keds, they're super comfortable and just so easy to wear!

Are you as obsessed with skinnies as I am?

Sherin xx


janettaylor said...

WOW! Nics skinny...especially their color! :)

Stephanie Scarpa said...

Cutie! Love your jeans!

/Stephanie / http:// mydarlingsolitude.blogspot.com

Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE love the idea of the Fit First Time Service - that is such a wonderful feature for online shopping! :)

Style Eyes said...

I love your choice of jeans. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with skinny jeans. One week I love them the next I don't perhaps something to do with how many cakes I have eaten!

Dot (Claire) said...

The only jeans I wear are skinnies, so yes! I remember when skinnies first 'came out' many many years ago. It was near impossible to find any in shops - I will always remember my first pair which were 'drainpipes' from Matalan. I don't know what I'd do if skinny jeans slowly slipped away. xx

Rose-et-Violet said...

Skinny jeans are great! Love how you wore them...with a breezy blouse and cute kicks.




I am a skinny jeans fan and love these on you. I need to buy more skinnys. I love those colourful Keds! xx/Madison

Cee said...

You can never go wrong with good skinny jeans, but when you're a real fan, you do tend to amass a lot of pairs looking for the perfect one. These James jeans look amazing on you, and I love the idea of getting sent another pair that also might work for you, chosen by experts. I just may have to try this out - you know, if I ever need a new pair of skinnies ;)

Couture Carrie said...

Cute casual look!
Love the Keds!


Voucher Codes UK said...

Lovely jeans and you look nice!

Milana said...

Love this look!

Hazel said...

This idea is pure genius, I hate buying new jeans as it's often such a faff!

Kimberlee said...

10 or 15 pairs?! I don't think I have more than 7 jeans TOTAL haha I'd definitely opt for a dark skinny jean too since it's super flattering and you can dress it up or down

Super cute outfit, love the red keds :)

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