Thursday, 28 February 2013

Casio Sheen Watches

A good watch to me is such an important thing. I recently had a conversation with a friend who asked me the point of watches now that we have phones, and I always say that a good watch does more than just tell the time: It's an accessory that looks good and is also stylish. While my collection is ever growing, I love keeping an eye out for my next watch purchase.

Casio recently launched their new line: Sheen. It is aimed at sophisticated women and has, very fittingly, announced Claire Danes as their UK ambassador. She's as sophisticated and as stylish as the brand itself. Sheen is designed for the modern women in mind and the watches are beautiful, elegant and very functional.

 photo SheenCasioWatches_zps30e15e1c.jpg

The line has four different ranges: Bijou (which is delicate, simple and feminine); Reflections (which has an extra bit of bling with its Swarovski elements and rhinestones); Gold and Classic (which is a timeless collection, perfect to pair with anything). All in all there are 31 different styles, and something to suit anyone. Prices start at £100 - £250.

Sherin xx

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