Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sperry Angelfish

I do love it when my favourite shoes brands come up with new collections and styles - yes, despite having close to 200 pairs of shoes, there are still brands that I prefer over others. One such brand is Sperry. Their wedges are getting me through my days at the moment (and has been providing me with gasps from other people as they spot them) and a their good old boat shoes are my go to for the summer or when I'm in Dubai.


I love Sperry - they've been around since 1935 and know how to make a good pair of shoes. Sperry's latest shoe's - the Angelfish and Bluefish - have just come to the UK are are exclusively available from Office. They're both made with the Ivy League in mind and seem like perfect shoes to spend the day in while running about doing your day to day work. They're both inspired by heritage and will be the perfect shoe if you're one to go to any sailing or rowing matches!



The Angelfish has a bit more of a girly feel to it while the Bluefish is full on boat shoe - perfect to complete any pretty look. They each come in various different colours and I can imagine that each style is as comfortable as any other Sperry shoe. My heart has a special place in particular for the purple Angelfish and the black Bluefish, with the slight leopard print detailing.

Let me know what you think!

Sherin xx

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