Sunday, 23 December 2012

Gentset Review

Something a little different for you guys today: a guest post from my brother, Omar. When I was emailed to review a new men's service, Gentset, I agreed immediately and let my brother take the reigns on this one. He already writes from Bring The Noise with me, so I thought I'd let him give his male perspective on this.

Gentset is a new concept in men’s styling. The idea is simple, you create an account and answer a few simple style questions; and using these answers Gentset determines a set of accessories to fit your style and you’re free to buy the ones that most appeal to you.


Using our answers, Gentset selected a Black Onyx Beat Bracelet, a NATO watch strap and a pair of Alcantara iPhone sleeves, which for the most part was fairly accurate. We tried out the sleeve and found it to be pretty well made – the fabric was soft to the touch and appears pretty hard wearing. We were also sent a sample of Ormonde Jayne aftershave and a small shaving cream sachet. Everything came neatly packaged in a nice box, making it a great gift set to give those men in your life, and all the products complimented each other well.

Every individual item comes in at £29.95 which might seem pricey for some of the accessories, but for the bracelet or watch strap, it seems pretty good value. The Gentset team update the items once a month so there is always potential of new stock appearing and with the website indicating that accessories also include ties, cufflinks, sunglasses and even high quality pens – perfect to compliment your style or even to stash away for a present!

The website, (much like this site) has a comprehensive Style Guide, but is focused mainly on men’s fashion; it’s easy to navigate and has a broad Tumblr site for inspiring style pictures. As a concept, we can really see this taking off – ideal for people struggling to find a gift or even if you haven’t got the time to go shopping. Gentset will outline several options and with its ever changing range, we’re confident that even the most picky men, will find something that will appeal to them.

So a massive thanks to Omar for sharing his opinions on Gentset. Would you buy this or recommend this to a guy you know? I know I'd use it as a gift buying service for the guys in my life - it's a great idea.


Couture Carrie said...

Must check out the site!
Fab accessories!


Cafe Fashionista said...

I love the fact that there's an accompanying Tumblr site to show how to style pieces - awesomeness! :)

Anonymous said...

How can all the stuff cost the same money???

strimstrum said...

"Anonymous said...
How can all the stuff cost the same money??

Therein will probably lie the secret of its success !

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