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Christmas Gift Guide: Jewellery; Toys; For loved ones

This is part two of my Christmas Gift Guide for this year (you can see part one here). This is a more expensive guide than the last one and features products that you're more likely to give to those loved ones.

The ultimate and best gift you can give any girl or woman in your life. Sparkles are my favourite to get (and give too) so its always a safe bet for any woman in your life.


I've recently discovered Bouton and they do stunning jewellery. The stacking rings,earrings and bracelet are from there and the website is full of stunning sparklers. It's a new brand with jewellery that you can keep for a lifetime and pass down and everything is made from stunning cubic zirconia crystals. If statement is more your thing, those unique rings in the corner are from Kat & Bee, who focus on more fun day to day wear pieces that compliment your outfit. Each design is well put together and the statement rings are all one off, as they're made individually using beads and accessories. 
Sticking with statement those stunning necklaces are from Pranella and they're great if you really want to turn some heads. I love how individual they are and they'll be perfect paired with a plain t-shirt to really make your outfit pop.
Gina Stewart Cox also has an amazing selection of pieces for Christmas, and I particularly liked the selection I saw a while a go. They have bracelets in a lot of different styles but I really love the necklaces as they're slightly different. One of my favourite things these days is stacking bracelets and Gina Stewart Cox has a great range that you can wear altogether. Mia Lia and Eric Van Peterson both focus on amazing stackable beaded bracelets too. Mia Lia (bottom left) has some amazing beaded ones that you can wear altogether, and they even have little charms on them. Eric Van Peterson (a jewellery brand I love too) is perfect for stackable bracelets too. They have a lot of beaded and stackable bracelets too but also a lovely range of evil eye pieces, where each is completely unique.
And how cute is that bracelet with the snowflake? It's from Chamilia, who have a lot of cute charms for all occasions, and the snowflake one is made for Christmas.
And finally a great selection of watches - we know I love a good watch - from Ice Watch. I really love the new selection. They look so feminine and elegant, with the tortoise colour in particular looking fantastic.

This is my favourite set I've made. I love all the fun stuff here and will happily accept any of it from someone.


The Easy Shot Clip HD is perfect for any thrill seekers in your life. It's a small outdoor camera, that allows you to capture your wildest moments in HD and share it. It comes with a 360 rotating bracket and can be attached to helmets, making it perfect for lovers of the outdoors. If, however, you know someone who prefers the indoor, like me, check out these amazing two toys - the HELO TC Assault helicopter and the Smartphone Ferrari. The Helicopter looks like so much fun as you're able to connect if to your iPhone/iPad/iPod and launch attacks on your loved ones-Epic! The Ferrari (I want this so badly) is smartphone controlled so you can use your phone to drive it around the house (and also tell people you have a Ferrari).
Love these T's from Black Score. I think I've mentioned them before but they do the coolest t-shirts ever, featuring fun slogans such as 'Dior is Dope' and 'You had me at Prada'. These t-shirts will be great for any fashionista's in your life, who like a bit of edge too.
I've also recently discovered a new found obsession with ping pong. It's such a fun little game to play and Volcom has a really cute set available for £24.99.
There are a few gadgets that I love: headphones and USB's are a few of them. I can't count how many I have of each. I love a funky looking USB, and have a ridiculously large collection of them, but I need some more from EmoBox. They focus on really stylish USB's and some of them can double up as necklaces  they look really fun and I stylish. I personally love the card USB with the Chanel quote. As you know, headphones are my favourite things and Skullcandy have become one of my favourite headphone brands. Their Aviators (red) sound incredible and the new Navigators (white) are my all time favourites. I have a pair of bothe and can say that the sound quality is incredible on both and they look sleek and stylish - a must buy for all music lovers. Skullcandy are such a trusted brand that I recommend everyone to have at least one pair from them.

For Loved ones:
These are slightly pricier and personal gifts for the more loved ones in you life. 

Available at QVC, Lulu Guinness has some really cute pieces. The coin purse and a lips keyring are a bit of fun that will add personality to your handbags. Bench also has a cute selection of purses and I love this green Hoko one. It's a lovely colour and looks like it fits quite a bit in.
I don't know about you but I love unwrapping a new pair of shoes, and there's something for everyone, whether a laid back pair of TOMS or a more elegant pair from Lucy Choi. Lucy Choi is gorgeous shoe boutique that have fantastic designed shoes and are affordable. The designs are so stunning and they're perfect for any parties. Lucy Choi is actually Jimmy Choo's neice, so you know these shoes will be gorgeous. They're also available to buy in Harvey Nichols and My-Wardrobe.
ghd has a new metallic collection out and they look fantastic. I have a pair already and love how they not only look great, but also work as well as any ghd's. They come in a gold, silver or red and definitely add a bit of sparkle!
Watches are also a great gift to give. There are so many cute designs at the moment and I'm impressed at the quality of watches that brands have come up with. South Lane (at the top) have a fun range that are minimalistic and have a cute look to them. NATO Straps are a great addition on watches and I've seen a lot of them around. Casio have a brilliant new collection at the moment - I was so impressed when the press release came my way. The new collection, Sheen, is so stylish and Claire Danes is the UK ambassador. The Sheen collection is new and is aimed at the modern woman - hence why Danes is the perfect ambassador. They look really elegant and look like they'll add sophistication to any wrist.
A Christmas gift guide would not be complete without candles/diffusers and Ashleigh & Burwood have a great selection of home fragrances. They come so cutely packaged and the designs on them are bound to appeal to lots of girls. I know I want these in my house! They look like they'll add great ambience and a lovely scent.
Eric Van Peterson has these incredible creative boxes which are perfect gifts. The beautiful boxes come in either silver or gold and are filled with chains (leather and metal) and lots of different charms and gemstones. Each box is completely unique so whoever gets a box will be able to create a unique piece of jewellery that no one else will have.
Alexandre de Paris has a brilliant selection of hair accessories and have some amazing blingy ones. I've mentioned them before and again, these would make a perfect gift with a difference. They're made with Swarovski crystals and will be the perfect way to spice up a simple hairstyle such as a pony tail.

So that's my Christmas gift guide. Hopefully it'll help with all your Christmas presents. Still about a week to go. Good luck!
Sherin xx


J. said...

Lovely ideas, and I love how you organized the post too :) well done!!

fhenny said...

totally love the gift ideas!

Ida said...

It is some good things :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Seriously digging the headphones - I NEED!! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous gift ideas!
Love the earrings!


Winnie said...

Wow there are so many gift options. I still need to finish off my mum's pressie and then my grandma!

jamie-lee said...

You are dangerous girl - I have so much more jewellery to peruse now thanks to you! Hmm now wasn't I meant to be gift shopping? ;)

Study Chinese said...

Those are really great gifting ideas; I especially love the section “for loved ones”. It has some cute and gorgeous items.

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