Monday, 24 December 2012

2012 in Outfits

Another year is nearing its end so I decided to do another yearly outfit review. I noticed a huge change in style while looking at last years round up and I realised that I've been a lot more 'safe' with my looks in 2012.


1: My first outfit of the year, I loved the printed design on the top and I still practically live in those shoes, so it's nice to know I've worn them throughout the year. 
2: I tried to inject more sequins in my life this year and I felt I did that well. This was one of the first times I wore sequins and I had so much fun adding that much glam to a more casual look.
3: Definitely my favourite dress of the year. It's from Traffic People and I love the colour and print of the skirt. I don't wear a lot of pink so it's nice to have something bright in my wardrobe.
4: 2012 really was the year of asymmetrical hemline. They were everywhere, especially over the summer. I love the chevron print on this one - it's a dress that really stands out in my closet. 
5: This was a more casual outfit I wore but I thought it worked well - so well in fact that I wore variations of this outfit a lot this year. I really love the pop of colour from the shoes here. 
6: A Fashion Week Outfit from February, I loved the colour and shape of the dress. I'm also having way more fun than is allowed at LFW in this picture, haha.
7: I loved the sudden burst of snow we had back in January and it was the perfect excuse to dig out my wedge boots - which I love. The Winter Kate top's flowyness was perfect with the look.
8: This is a bright outfit to match the sparkles of Dubai. I need to wear those yellow skinny jeans more, but the sequins top  has made plenty of appearances this year.


9: While I love black dresses, I found a new love for white dresses this year. They have a great summer vibe to them and are so much fun to wear. 
10: I really wish I wore this dress more. The sweetheart neckline was so sexy and the dress (from Just-Petite who focus on smaller shapes) is such a nice colour.
11: Another Fashion Week outfit and I loved those studded shoes so much. Seriously one of my favourite pair of heels. And the Michael Kors jeans are always a pleasure to wear.
12: This dress got a compliment from a film director, so I have a lot of love for it! The colours all go so well together and the belt adds some great shape to the waist.
13: This dress is stunning. The print at the front is fun but not bold enough to be too in your face. I can't wait until next summer to wear it some more.
14: Contrary to what some might believe, I do sometimes wear more traditional outfits. I wore this to my friends wedding (a four day extravaganza) and loved the shape of the trousers.
15: We had like 3 days of summer this year and this is what I wore on them. The skirt is one of my favourites as it's so well made and so light to wear.
16: This skirt got constant compliments when I wore it. It's a bit different with the neon colours at the bottom and I always enjoy wearing it, especially paired with black.


17: Qulit was probably my brand of the year. I love all their pieces and the designer, Reena, is so lovely. This skirt really stood out for me. The bright colour is lovely and I loved the studs at the bottom.
18: I wore more wedges this year than ever before and they're amazing. This Sperry pair was worn to death these last few months. They're so stylish and comfortable!
19: Definitely my favourite outfit of the year. It was such a casual look that worked well. I'm a massive Strokes fan and also started wearing more tanks so this top was just perfect. 
20: I wore this to September's Fashion Week - the red dress had been in my closet for two years before, never worn. I'm glad I eventually decided to wear it and LFW was the perfect occasion. 
21: Darling was another brand that stood out for me this year. I love all the prints in their clothes and this gift of a dress was such a perfect summer dress.
22: This dress was my most worn item this year by far! It's such a great fitting dress and gives me a boost of confidence anytime I wear it. 
23: My Halloween look this year while I went to the London Dungeons to celebrate. I dressed as a flapper and loved the 20's feel of the dress, while I also added a headband and boa.
24: My casual outfits were definitely my favourites to wear and this one was one that I wore throughout my Dubai holiday last month. It was a comfortable look, with the slouchy tank, while the Keds were the comfiest.

This year I found that I've been wearing more neutral colours and classic pieces - in fact I saw a lot of the same pieces crop up more than a few times while putting together the initial shortlist (I actually saw the same outfit 3 times!). I also noticed I do the same pose...a lot! I guess this means my look has settled down a bit into more of a simple style.

Which looks do you like? What have you been wearing this year.

Sherin xx


Ida said...

I like all of your outfits :)
Merry Chrismas Sherin :)

LilyLipstick said...

Great idea to look back on a year of outfits. I love the yellow jeans and the red dress for fashion week especially. x

Hazel said...

What a great year, some truly fabulous outfits! My favourite is the red dress (no. 20) I lived it the first time I saw it!
Have a fun filled festive season x

Cafe Fashionista said...

Looks 4, 7, and 11 are my absolute faves - you look fabulous, Sherin! :)

Little Rus said...

So many pretty looks!
Merry Christmas, sweetie!

Rachel said...

So you finally got this written then! :D

longhairqueen said...

I like the black fitted dress in pic 22 with the boots combo. Girlie and feminine but not overly girlie. I like the skinny jeans too.

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing looks, darling!
Especially loving #12!

Merry Christmas :)


cindy whitehead said...

loving all your outfits Sherin. Happy Holidays!!

ana said...

4,7,11,13,17,20 & 23 are My favorites! However You Look lovely and Pretty in every single Look What I really like is your hairstyle! Happy holidays Sherin!!!! Hope You have a great New Year's party

Kimberlee said...

Love 4, 6, 10 and 23! The flapper outfit is so cute :)

Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!

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