Monday, 12 November 2012

A Hair Video

Here I am trying out my new Toni & Guy Deep Barrel Wavers, while using some James Brown London hair products to finish the look.

Here's how my hair ended up. I really loved the finished product. It's something different from my usual style, and it was a very nice change. (My owl top is from Fashion Union - adorable right?).


 I have naturally curly hair but as much as I would love to embrace my natural curls, they are impossible to tame. The Deep Barrel Waver does a great job cleaning up my curls with a more sexy and glamorous look.
What I love is that they come with Unique Colour Lock Technology that means they are designed to enhance shines and protect your hair, while also locking in your hair colour. I definitely recommend this styler and is a must have to put along your straighteners and curlers as a fun third option for a night out, or a special occasion.


It has different settings and temperatures, so you can try for a whole host of different curly styles, and the £35 is more than affordable!

The hair products are James Brown London and are from the brand 'Photo Fabulous' collection, which is aimed at making our hair look perfect in front of the camera - which is something every blogger needs. I used the Heat Protection Spray and the High Shine Finishing Spray and definitely agree that the products really make my hair a lot more photogenic and camera-friendly.


The hair spray is a new favourite product of mine for sure. It's lightweight and perfectly keeps your hair in place no matter what the style is. And like it's clear in the video - I LOVED the smell. Both products retail at £7.19 each, so again, very affordable.


How are you styling your hair these days?

Sherin xx


Cee said...

I can completely sympathise with your plight, Sherin. Every once in a while - including last week - I am possessed by the idea that I can let my natural curls back in. And then I am immediately reminded when I smash my elbow into a wall trying to part my hair that it just isn't possible :P I love the way your hair turned out here, and the tutorial is awesome! Personally, I am fan of sponge or hot rollers for a soft, naturally curly look - mainly because they're easy :)

kirstyb said...

loving the jumper x

Johanna said...

Your hair looks amazing :) I've been looking for a product like that for a while, and that one seems like a one I could try - the price is so great and it looks easy to use :)

And I also like your jumper, it's adorable! ♥

Cafe Fashionista said...

Your hair looks awesome - I LOVE the volume! And the owl sweater is adorbs...I have one myself from Target! :)

Betty Manousos said...

love the lumper! so chic and elegant!
you have beautiful hair.

dropping by via bon bon rose girls to say hi!

i just loved your blog~

Betty Manousos said...

ooops!! sorry..i just meant to say jumper, of course.

Clare said...

Your hair looks amazing! You did an awesome job -- what an inspiration for girls like me who have very unruly hair!

Sadie said...

You hair looks great like this! I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while :) xx

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing look, darling!
Fab review!


la petite fashionista said...

my hair absolutely wont go straight so i usually resort to some kind of curliness! :) great review!! your owel sweater is SO cute

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherin,

Your hair looks great! My hair is naturally straight and flat so this product looks like a good way to jazz it up a bit! Love your blog by the way, Ive been reading it for a couple of months and thought it was about time I posted something :)

Hazel xx

Style Eyes said...

I was really interested to read your post as I have never really styled my hair as I can't get on with heated hair appliances. Even more than a quick blast with the hairdryer turns my hair into a frizzy mess. I love the way you have styled your hair and would love to try a more glam look though, perhaps I will have to give them a try.

Lizzy said...

The owl is a winner :). x

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