Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Winter Footwear

Yes, winter is here. I've dug out all my favourite boots, bought some new coats and have the heating in the house on full blast.

Boots are definitely my favourite type of shoes to wear and are my favourite part of Autumn and Winter. There are so many different styles of boots, from cowboy to furlined, that there is something for every occasion.

Mou Sheepskin Boots
I secretly love boots with fur in them. In the depth of winter, they are exactly what I need as the fur does a great job keeping my feet warm. Mou's new AW collection looks warm and I love the unique boots, with the studs and the chains. Definitely a cooler way to stay warm while out and about, or in the house. With prices starting at £230, they are slightly pricey, but look like they'll last for many years.


Medina Rain Heels 
Rain boots/Wellies aren't my favourite type of shoes as they're just not stylish enough. But these Rain Heels, named after a rainy Seattle town, which are available from Sorel, are incredible.
Retailed at £190 and with 4 inch heel they give rain boots a good name - I love a good heel. With a  waterproofed upper and felt lined collar makes sure that you stay dry with the heel makes it a suitable shoe to wear to work or even out for drinks.


Sperry Hikerfish Boot
Sperry have become a favourite brand of mine these last few months. I've practically been living in their boat shoes over the summer and it's great to see them branch out into more winter wear. The Hikerfish looks gorgeous, but also looks like it'll keep you warm and dry when you need it the most. And Sperry are also dead comfortable. At £100, this is a boot that is worth it; I can guarantee the quality of Sperry and they are shoes that will last!


Chockers have an amazing range of boots for the colder season, and each one is so unique. Their boots are definitely made with fashionista's in mind, and are bound to stand out and turn heads.


These red wedged spiked pair are amazing, right? And they're also really affordable. The website is full of some great winter collections from statement pairs, like this, to more traditional and comfortable boots to get you through the coldest months.

The Clarks name is synonymous with comfort and good quality, with the brand releasing some really stylish pairs in the last few seasons. This AW collection looks great, and is full of some stylish pairs.


The Desert Boot has become an icon recently and I love how they've become transitioned into a winter style with a fur lined extra, and at just £89.99, they're affordable for what they are.
There is also a selection of longer boots for when it gets really cold. This black boot will be perfect to tackle the really cold weather, and will be perfect to keep your calves warm.

Bertie are known for their trendy and stylish shoes, and ones that us bloggers love! I'm loving the look of these ankle boots that Bertie have for AW. The Peonee (£119) in particular looks really cool with that print and I love the studs on the Nise (£129). My favourite is definitely the Nonag (£110) - the contrast heel looks amazing!

Dune has some amazing AW shoes, with some fun detailing. Again, Dune is a brand known for its great quality and trendy styles and the latest collection doesn't let us down. I love the classic look of the Pazame (£99), with the studs on the toe adding some fun, and I love the Pedro (£110)'s colour and classic feel. The Pekas (£110) is definitely my favourite. It looks like such a comfortable boot, while the studs around the top and the western feel gives it an extra special touch.

What shoes will you be wearing this winter?

Sherin xx


lolainthelounge said...

Love those Bertie leopard boots!!! They are gorg! x

Cafe Fashionista said...

Seriously obsessed with the Medina Rain Heels - I NEED those!! :)

girlinthelens said...

Oh I love all boots! I can never pick a favourite style x


Home of Fashion said...

Wow, love all of these shoes. The Chockers are pretty attention grabbing. The rain boots look pretty good especially considering the rubbish rainy weather we are having.

Clare said...

Personally, I want ALL of these boots. every one is better than the next.

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I love those Hikerfish boots! Awesome!

Hazel said...

I'm intrigued by the rain heels. Love the Sperry as the Pedro. Such a great selection, I'm totally in full on autumn mode now - bring on the cold!!

Couture Carrie said...

Love those antelope cowboy boots!


Dressing Up For Me said...

I´m thinking of buying sheepskin with studs!

Ocean Dreams said...

I love fall and winter boots so much. There are so many to choose from and each seems to have their own personality! I have a pair of cabin boots and then I also have a few other fashionable pairs too. It's good to have a variety!

OvernightEssay said...

Chockers are amazing!!! I'm in love with this design...with this SPIKES!!! it's stunning, a little bit gothic looking)) cool, pretty cool!!

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