Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Skullcandy Edit

Alongside shoes, another one of my obsessions is headphones. I used to have one in-ear earphones, which I wore all the time, but over the last few months, I've received a lot more, and many of them have been large, over-ear, headphones, which I definitely prefer. They look a lot cooler and I find the sound quality to be much better.


I was invited down to the Hoxton Gallery a few weeks ago to have a look at some of their cool headphones and designs. I think Skullcandy is one of the few major headphones company that I don't have, but my brother is a massive fan so I've heard great things about them. I was impressed with all the headphones I saw: not only did they look fantastic, but I got to listen to the sound quality and it is amazing.


The main reason for heading down was to check out the new Aviator Edit, which lets users customise their own headphones from the Skullcandy website. You're able to customise the colour of everything from the headphones and frame, to the caps and cord, meaning that there are endless colour combinations, so that what you get is really unique and personalised. You can also share your online creations via social media.
I had such a fun time sitting down and playing around with all the colours, knowing that when I got them, they'd be truly unique.



They took about two weeks to come and I loved them. While customising my headphones, I decided to go classic, so most of them are grey and black. I then added a pop of colour with the red when it came to the detailing of the cord. I love how they came out: the red and dark colours went perfectly together.


The sound quality really is amazing. Nothing leaks out while listening to them and very little leaks in while you're out and about.
They're also really comfortable. The large padded ear cups aren't too heavy so you can wear them all day with no discomfort. Not to mention they look really cool on.



Have you tried Skullcandy headphones?

Sherin xx

Photos taken oof my headphones myself, and the rest by the photographer at the Skullcandy event.


Cee said...

I seriously wish that the world had never gone away from headphones - there's nothing worse than having to listen to someone else's music because their earphones leak sound! Plus, headphones are way more comfortable. I've been looking at a pair of Skull Candy headphones for a while, but I had no idea you could customise them. I love the way yours turned out, and I may just have to design my own!

Eshna said...

They look so great. Also the customizing option is way more cool.

Natascha Coester said...

I want a pair :)

Natasha Gregson said...

They looks so great :) Love all the colours. Headphones are way better than earphones-the sound is just so much better!!


Fabrizia said...

Amazing post!!Happy Halloween!!!
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Adele said...

Seriously cool! The toughest decision would be which colour to have!!
Would love you to check out my latest post :)
Happy Halloween Hun xoxo

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! You look so pretty, Sherin! I LOVE these headphones! :)

Sofies closet said...

I don't have any headphones, as I don't like that I can't hear anything around me, but the grey and pink once are so cool! :-)

The Fashion Milkshake said...

Amazing post!

Absolutely loving this looks so cool :)



Aimee Victoria Long said...

Love these headphones :)

Hope you're well hun,

Stylish By Nature said...

So stylish !! Gr8 blog :)....Wanna follow each other ?

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Cinz said...

oh my world, looks like a fun event, i love the idea of customizing your headphones, such an awesome way to show your creativity which you can keep and use:) I lovee your natural shots, they captured some great Kodak moments,heehee

Lovely headphones you got, pink is sooo pretty!!! I like the purple as well:) i've never had these big headphones as i always felt they are too clumsy and there's so much crap in my bag already, lol but maybe i should reconsider!

btw,how much do they cost?

p.s. hope ur trip to dubai was great! are u still there?


monica said...

i want a neon one!

Ida said...

I have never seen them before. But they are cool :)

Be Inspired! - Susa said...

Now this is funky... You'd make a fab DJ!

Anonymous said...

I used to have a pair of Skullcandy headphones but they actually snapped in half and now I'm a bit put off. Pretty happy with my beats at the moment, but your design is really cool


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