Monday, 22 October 2012

#LookScary - It's nearly Halloween

I've never been a massive fan of Halloween, usually spending the scariest time of the year at home watching scary films, instead of actually dressing up and partying. But last week I was invited to an early Halloween party, which I just couldn't say No to.

Lily and Zoe organised a fun bash at The London Dungeons (such a fun place), and it was an amazing night filled with costumes, scares, fake blood, drinks and lots of laughs.


Dress - Rare via Clothing at Tesco
Shoes - Clarks
Necklaces - Dorothy Perkins
Headband - Not sure :(
Feather Boa - Portobello Road Market


The party was so well organised and we were taken on tour of the Dungeons, which was a dark tour of 19th Century London, filled with cobbles and stories about Jack The Ripper and Sweeny Todd. I've only been to the Dungeons once previously but if you love a good scare, like me, it's definitely worth going. It has a really good feel of dingy London from the 19th Century as well as a few rides - high drop - to keep us even more entertained. 


It was nice to see that so many other blogger had put efforts into their costumes - there was fake blood everywhere - and everyone also looked far scarier than I did - which isn't hard.
I quite like how my costume came out. I was inspired by Boardwalk Empire (in love with that show) so I settled on a flapper-esque dress which I got a while ago, and then focused more effort on the accessories to give it a more authentic feel. And of course, a lot of heavy and dark make up - well heavier than usual.


There was also a mind reader on hand to entertain up and we had so much fun with him. I'm such a sceptic about these types of things and he had a right old time trying to convince me otherwise.


And of course, some fun times with Kristabel, Lucy, Kate and Alex.


All this was in honour of the new Blackberry Curve, exclusively available at o2. To coincide with this, there are a few videos online to help you get the perfect scary Halloween look. Check them out here. There are some great tips, so I recommend watching a few of them if you haven't got your Halloween look sorted yet.

Are you prepared for Halloween yet?

Sherin xx

A massive thanks to Danielle for taking the outfit shots in a very crowded Knightsbridge.


t said...

Fun look! I'm still working on my costume!

Hazel said...

Sounds like a great night. You're dress is amazing, I can't believe it's Tesco!
We're having a fright night movie fest for Halloween so no costume required.

Mira said...

That look awesome. Wanna follow each other ?


Cinz said...

WOW, it's been awhile since i've visted you blog, sorry but i been slacking in the bloggin dept ever since i came back from Europe which was early sept! lol...BUT..i noticed your new header on this blog!! I love it!!!! did you make it??? reminds me of those fashion illustrations:)

Gosh, i lovee your costume, soo pretty!!!!I got no plans for Halloween so far and i'm not too keen on the Haloween themed party at Ocean Park since i beent here 3 times in the past,lol...did you ever try it? its where they set up ghost houses and the staff scares u and stuff. It's pretty freaky tho, i gotta say lol

I will be back soon and see what ya been up too,take care for now Sherin!!!:)


Maria Fallon said...

Your dress is amazing and you look beautiful, I am very jealous!

Maria xxx

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh Sherin you are the perfect 1920s flapper! I am so in love with these photographs - you look divine! :)

Tanvi said...

You look like a character out of Woody Allen movie. Love it.

∞ © ∞

janettaylor said...

Perfect dress!

LilyLipstick said...

You look amazing! I love Halloween, can't wait to carve a pumpkin and get dressed up! x

The Golden Girls said...

You look STUNNING! So gorgeous! xx The Golden Girls

Juicy Satsuma said...

You make such a pretty flapper girl! I am obsessed with Boardwalk Empire too and love 1920 fashion...not sure how I'd cope with prohibition though! x

Fernanda said...

This looks like so much fun! I went to my first Halloween party last year dressed up as a zombie (what else!) and I had loads of fun! xx

Couture Carrie said...

You look so amazing, darling!
Love your flapper costumes, especially the headband!


Sami said...

I love your costume! The flapper look suits you :) xx

ana said...

You Look gorgeous i love the 20's inspired costume is súper cute and the headband too!

Ida said...

Sherin you look so good :D

cindy whitehead said...

you look adorable!!!!

✿Cathie✿ said...

I have always wanted to try the flapper look, but lack the courage to go through with it. When I saw your costume, (which btw, doesn't look like a costume --you could be the real deal!!) I just about swooned from the gorgeousness... and envy! ;) Love the feather boa touch! That soft periwinkle? colour is quite pretty.

Dressing Up For Me said...

Wow, this is such a perfect flapper look! Love that feather headband too.

Anonymous said...

You look lovely here xx

Tasha said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the flapper look! The dress and headband are perfect!

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