Saturday, 1 September 2012

Timberland; Keds; Volcom

It's been a bit of a manic week, so I've been welcoming the weekend with open arms! I did manage to get to a few things during the week. Here are some highlights on what's been going on.

I had a lovely morning a few days ago checking out the new AW Collection from Timberland. Its one of those brands that I've always known about, but never got to check out properly. Held on a rooftop, with the layout of a ski resort to showcase the Alpine collection, I was really impressed by what I saw.

The collection was full of stylish shoes, that are built to last and perfect for any outdoor activity. The shoes and clothes are classic but also pretty functional. The Earthkeepers collection is their most eco-minded range and uses recycled materials such as rubber soles, and organic cotton. The collection is great for a woman who likes to be be outdoors and having fun.


There were also some gorgeous watches on display, which were made in collaboration with the Inter-City Group. The watches were exactly what you'd expect from the brand: rugged; durable;outdoorsy, but they also looked really good. They are water-resistant, made from steel construction and sapphire glass and have extras such as tide indicator, a compass, weather forecaster and even a heart monitor.

I also had a fantastic lunch with the lovely Keds team as well as some of my favourite bloggers. I've become a massive fan of Keds these last few months and it was nice to sit down and learn about the brand's heritage, as well as check out some of the new collection.
I learnt, for example, that Keds was set up in 1916, and was one of the first 'sneaker brands' - the word sneaker coming from 'sneaking up' on people.


I really loved both the upcoming AW collection and a sneak peak into the SS13 collection. The AW collection had a pair of amazing winter boots that I need in my life, as well some cute selections of hi-top trainers. There were also a lot of prints and the leopard print style were definitely one of my favourites. Not to mention there was a lovely large polka dot printed shoe, which was done in collaboration with Happy Socks.
I loved learning about the brand and there was a board on display with a timeline. It was great to see that the shoes have had a lot of celebrity fans in the past, such as Audrey Hepburn and even the Kennedy family.

I also have interesting news from Volcom. They've teamed up with the Sumatran Orangutan Society to create a collection where 5% of sales go to the charity. I love it when some of my favourite fashion brands get together with charities, and this charity is especially important as there are just 6700 Orangutans left in the wild, and are set to become extinct very soon. This is due to deforestation that lead to the lack of their natural environment.
The collection is part of Volcom's V.Co Logical Series where the brand show their social responsibility and attempt to sustain our planet and its natural resources. This is done by using materials such as 100% organic cotton and vegetable dyes to show that you can be stylish and environmentally conscious.

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Sherin xx


Michaela said...

I love the pastel keds!

Margaret Cruzemark said...

Gorgeous collection of images!!! Well done!!!
Thanks so so much for visiting a leaving a lovely comment on my blog.
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Ida said...

Love the shoes in the baby colours :)

sophie said...

love keds!
thanx for commenting! lovely bolg!
follow you right now!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Shoes, shoes, shoes...oh, I am so loving it!! :)

Tasha said...

Love the keds! Especially the printed ones! The leopard print caught my eye!

And that last sweater is cute! I like how environmantly conscious volcom is!

Heidi-likes said...

I adore those pink keds, great post! X

Anonymous said...

Keds are so cute, great choices.

Sofies closet said...

I love those mint green shoes in the middle of the second picture :-)

janettaylor said...

My bf's fave!

Natasha said...

Volcom are doing something fantastic by supporting the Orangutan Society. That's amazing to know. I'll have to try and get a top before they all go! I love Keds too and the Timberland boots look amazing!

Imogen said...

I really want pair of those polka dot Keds. They are so cool. I love the Keds wedges too. I keep eyeing a pair in my local department store.

Couture Carrie said...

The patterned Keds are so fun!


J. said...

I love anything that is both good for the environment and cute at the same time. So of course I loved this post! :)

Ocean Dreams said...

How cool that Volcom is teaming up for charity - I think that's so important for companies that are doing well. I don't own any Keds. They look comfy though!

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