Saturday, 15 September 2012

LFW Day 1 Outfit

I've done plenty of seasons and days of Fashion Week, but yesterday was one of my favourites. I managed six incredible shows, and was backstage at two of them, including PPQ. I've seen some incredible collections which I can't wait to share and I also got to hang with some cool people and blogger friends.

I always love to dress up when Fashion Week starts, and then I get scruffier and scruffier each day until the last day when I'm in jeans and a hoody!

Dress - Miss Guided
Shoes - Clarks

I got this dress about two years ago and this is the first time I've managed to wear it. I see it hanging in my closet every day, and I've been waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it, until I finally decided that Fashion Week was as good as any time! The silver chains hanging from the dress are my favourite thing about it for sure!!

This is when I got too into posing!

Keep an eye on the blog and on Facebook for constant updates and pictures about what I've been upto during Fashion Week. Is it bad that my feet hurt this much after just one day?

Sherin xx



Couture Carrie said...

Amazing dress, darling!
You look lovely!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! You look so beautiful, Sherin! I love your jewelry; and that color is stunning on you!! :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

Gorgeous dress, Sherin! You look pretty and love those last two goofy pictures. ;)

Kimberlee said...

6 shows? Damn girl...

Love this dress! The silver chains look like body jewelry :)

anirataC said...

lovely outfit :)
I'll follow you *

Rachel said...

Errm, hello?! Do you remember my day of the crippling Kat Maconie ankle boots last season?!

LillianZahra said...

Love this dress! Perfect for the start of Fashion Week. x

Milana said...

LOVE you in this dress! (And in everything else ;)) but this color is so pretty for you!

xx M

Vanessa and Jana said...

You look so lovely, darling! And London is amazing. Will be there next week.
All the best,

Jana & Vanessa from charming Berlin ♥ said...

Such a fantastic dress, oh yes!

Natasha said...

The dress is gorgeous and you look lovely. I'm glad you're enjoying LFW! xxx

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

What a beautiful color on you!

Amber's Mouthwash


What a fantastic outfit on you! You look great in the dress Sherin. Also, loved the recap of LFW. Always, always bring flats & inserts to LFW, that's what I did last year. :)/Madison

HazelxJoy said...

Another fab dress Sherin!

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