Saturday, 8 September 2012

ghd; McArthurGlen; Apricot

It's a mere week until London Fashion Week is upon us. I'm very unprepared right now: mainly because we're having some work done on the house, so most of my day's are spent keeping an eye on those pesky builders and so, I've had to turn down and not go to some really cool events (such as Fashion's Night Out!!)
I did pick and choose though and there were a few which I knew I couldn't miss!

ghd, for me, is a huge godsend. I have no idea how I lived without their straighteners and I was excited to be at the launch of their ghd air Boutique. There was good food/drinks, good music and a whole host of fabulous hairstylists on hand to create any looks we wanted. While I didn't get my hair done, my friend Cat did and she looked incredible with her loose curls.



The pop up boutique kicked off officially on the 6th - Vogues Fashion's Night Out - and they've started a socially powered beauty experience, with hair makeovers and even model castings. It'll be travelling around the UK (via it's ghd air Boutique Airstream), with the 'tour' locations and everything else being powered by ghd fans via their social media channels.


Check out the ghd Facebook page to book a blow dry, or to even have your say on where it goes next by tweeting (your city) #ghdmycity.

For those that don't know McArthurGlen are a collection of designer outlets that offer amazing discounts on designer brands such as Burberry and Jaegar. We were invited to an event hosted by the brand, and as well as rubbing shoulders with the likes of Laura Bailey, we also got to check out an incredible acoustic set from artist Delilah.
The outlets are a great way to experience this season's trends and must have trends without breaking the bank. It sounds like such a great concept and I can't wait to find my closest outlet (Kent, I believe) so I can get some shopping done!


McArthurGlen definitely know how to throw a party and we had a great time mingling and hanging about. The Delilah set was such an amazing experience: she's such a talent and her voice sounded stunning over an acoustic guitar. She's definitely set for great things.


It's also Designer Fashion Outlet Month so be sure to sign up and you could get a 10% discount as well as gorgeous Holly Fulton tote bag. You can sign up here

Apricot have a new line of gorgeous jeans that make you look amazing as these 'transformer jeans' have bum lifting technology. These are available to buy in store and online now and they are crafted with the best fabrics, washes and the newest technology. The fits have been designed with power stretch fabrics that enhance your body type as well as give you mobility.

From L-R: Skinny Peachy Fit; Skinny Flare Peachy Fit; Skinny Peachy Fit

There are three types available in different fits: the skinny, the bootcut and the skinny flare, available in Peachy fit, Juicy fit and Electric fit.

The Skinny Jean/Electric fit is Brazilian inspired and is made for a super sexy look. It's low cut and the waist band/power stretch fabrics are perfect to enhance all shapes.

The Bootcut/Peachy fit has been designed to enhance your curves with a low cut fit, perfect to compliment all shapes.

The Skinny Jean/Juicy fit is perfect to boost natural curves. It's low at the front and higher at the back so it's made to flatter all shapes.

I actually got a pair of Apricot jeans last year and absolutely love how comfortable they are!

Sherin xx


Natasha said...

I've had the ghd treatment at the hairdressers and buy a lovely girl at my university, and they are a Godsend indeed! I love how quickly they heat and hoe well and smoothly they make hair look. Have fun at Fashion Week! xxx

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

Awesome! Great coverage of these events. Hope you had a great FNO! x E

Ida said...

I dont have at GHD, but next time it will be :)
It looks like such a good dag. :)

Christine ♥ said...

i really love GHD, they're so amazing :) great post, all the photos are beautiful! XO

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, those apricot jeans look gorgeous.

Harriet said...

Ghd totally saved me from looknig like a frizzy mess in every photo from my teenage years! I have so much love for them, and the pop-up salon sounds amazing!

Couture Carrie said...

Awesome post!
Love the skinny jeans!


Mouthwash said...

Wow! Looks like you got to attend a lot of fun events! I own a ghd, and while I love it, I never ever use it. I bought it back when I thought I would die without straight hair, but have since fallen in love with my curly hair - and when I would straighten my hair, I would just use my ghd to curl it! LOL

Your friends hair looks so lovely!

Amber's Mouthwash

monica said...

ughhh i cant wait to move to a city where there is fashion nights out


nice post- xx

Cafe Fashionista said...

I am absolutely loving these behind the scenes shots, Sherin - gorgey!! :)

Tasha said...

I like how the skinny jean, the juice fit is lower in the front and higher in the back! Such a good idea! And stylish too@

Anonymous said...

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