Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Just an update on some cool things that have come through into my inbox recently.

Marie Claire are doing a great competition via Facebook thanks to Lets Subscribe. The promotion will basically be allowing readers to get a free copy of Marie Claire from themselves and four friends. All you have to do is head on over here, and fill in your details. If you want to win a years subscription for you and four Facebook friends, just 'Like' this page, and choose the friends you want to give the subscription to.
This will end on 17th June so get 'Liking'.

Also, I think regular readers would have figured out that I'm obsessed with shoes. And anyone who's seen my room will know that I have more than my fair share. Which is why I was so happy when I saw this shoe infograph from Zalando. There is some pretty cool info about shoes for all you shoe fans!

ZALANDO Infographic

Sherin xx

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