Saturday, 12 May 2012

Butterfly Twists + Giveaway

When I woke up yesterday morning, I was very surprised to see the sun blaring through the window. We've been deprived the sun recently in England, so it was a welcome sight and had me reaching for my summer dresses.

Dress - French Connection
Shoes - c/o Butterfly Twists


I'm probably going to be wearing this dress a lot over the summer. It was a bit on the expensive side, so I really need to justify wearing it, especially since I don't have any fancy plans coming up to wear anything special to. It's so pretty though, that I reckon it'll be a nice and casual summer dress for the season, and it seems a waste to have it hidden away, only for functions.


It's the shoes that I love in this outfit though. They were sent over from Butterfly Twists, who focus on practical and foldable flats. I think we've all been there: spending a day in heels, then limping home in pain, which is why foldable flats are so popular and so useful. They're perfect to slip into on your way home after a long day, and they're so comfortable.
Not only are Butterfly Twists comfortable, they're also really cute. I would definitely wear them out and about on a daily basis. They fold up really nicely as well and are really light weight, so pretty perfect for popping into any bag.

Butterfly Twists have also developed foldable boots, which are perfect for the winter. Again, they're lightweight, and also fold up really small, so that they can fit in most bags too. They'll also be perfect for travelling. They come in a variety of colours, and you can have them knee high, or at ankle height. The boots are definitely worth getting as they'll be really handy.


And now here's your chance to enter to win any pair from the site. That's right: one of you will be able to win any pair from Butterfly Twists that takes your fancy.
  • Just head on over to the Butterfly Twist Facebook Page, and write on the wall, saying that you're entering via Hifashion eg: I've come from HiFashion, and I'd love to win a pair of Butterfly Twist shoes.
  • Comment on this post, letting me know that you've done so.
  • Also let me know any high heel horror stories you have in the comments (I've had to wipe blood off heels more than once).
  • I'll then pick a winner via in a weeks times.

This competition is open worldwide, and will run for 1 week.

Good Luck!!

Sherin xx


Joanne Faith said...

I've entered! Nothing like getting those shoes off after wearing them for farrr too long... :)

Style by Joanne

joei ♥ said...

Liked their Facebook page :)

My horror story? I was rushing to a meeting when my heel got stuck in a little hole on the pavement. I went flying. Literally. And had a booboo for a month. I made a blog post about this before but didn't say what happened and why :D

Milana said...

You look great and those flats are too cute. Love the dress!

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing dress, darling!
You look lovely!


Rose-et-Violet said...

Really love that dress! it's so cute and perfect for the summer!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh Sherin I LOVE those shoes! I just entered by leaving a comment on the Butterfly Twist Facebook Wall! :)

daisychain said...

that dress looks lovely on you x

Amy Shaughnessy said...

That dress is so cute! I love the asymmetrical print. So cool!


Léa said...

Love this dress! You look so cute :)

The Social Butterfly said...

Thanks for the love, you look so cute in our Butterfly Twists. Good luck to everyone with the competition and see you on our FB Site!

Janice said...

wrote on Butterfly Twists' FB wall:

Kimberlee said...

That's an awesome dress! I thought it was a skirt and top at first. Love the asymmetrical graphic :)

Sami said...

Gorgeous dress... But I'm not a fan of flats!

Sami x

Style Servings said...

I love the dress!

Analisa said...

Those have to be the cutest foldable flats I've ever seen!

merlo84 said...

That dress is lovely!

I've entered on their Facebook wall :)

Anonymous said...

I've come from HiFashion, and I'd love to win a pair of Butterfly Twist shoes.

My horror story...I bought myself £60 Levi jeans AND £60 leather boots. First day wearing them both, i ended up falling on my hands and knees. Made a hole in my jeans, and scuffed my new boots :( :( I wasnt in a bad mood all day. I just wanted to cryy! £120 dwn the drain.

Helena said...

Done: I do not wear heels almost never
GFC: Helena
FB: LadyOf TheDarkness

Nila Kussriani said...

done write on their wall :)

i don't like wear heels, more comfortable with flats or boots :D


erica marie said...

Such a lovely dress, I love the color block design.

xo erica

janettaylor said...

practiacl ballerinas! Love them!

Skye said...

done all
GFC: Skye
FB: Skye Kumi
Twitter: SkyeKumi

Ria said...

I commented on their wall.
My horror stories can be summarized in the following: 2 twisted ankles, 5 pairs of heels destroyed (had to run/heels stuck in road pavement gap/etc), could not walk for several days after breaking into new shoes, a scar on my left foot (the shoe was not friendly at all). Ummm. You get the point.

Love the dress and the flats you picked!!

Johanna said...

Lovely giveaway :) I visited their FB page and left a message, so enter me! :)

My worst nightmare with heels is from my confirmation - if that'd the correct term - I was 15, and had a pair of brand new super high wooden wedges on. It was all good when we were sitting on the church bench, but when we had to walk, it was super painful - I actually went numb on my feet after a while because of the pain. Also, we had to walk on this soft, muddy, wet courtyard of the church quite a lot, and my shoes sank in so much all the time. :D That was horrid for a heel newbie that I was back then...

An lastly, I really wanna say how I love your outfit :) That dress is gorgeous! No wonder you plan on wearing it a lot :) and the shoes are so super aborable :) xoxo <3

Be Inspired! said...

That dress looks so fab on you! The colors just glow;)

Audrey Allure said...

Such a wonderful dress - has such an interesting print!

Maria said...

That dress is lovely, you definitely should wear it more! I am so bad at walking in heels but one pair I wore made the soles of my feet burn and numbed my toes for about 3 days...NOT GOOD!

Maria xxx

Maria said...

P.S. I have also entered on Facebook!

Maria xxx

Tanvi said...

Love that dress on you!!! The colors are amazing.

∞ © ∞

Cute Girl said...

wow enter me =)
GFC: Cute Girl
Facebook: Sae Kurosawa

Lulu said...

Pretty outfit!
I've done all)
GFC: Lulu
Facebook name: Olesia Flegka
High heel horror story? How about breaking a leg wearing 12sm stilettos? It was o painful, I am wearing flats for more than a year now)

Lulu said...

I've forgotten to tell you my email:
Just in case...:)

Laura said...

I entered on FB!

Once I was wearing heels on my moms carpet and a piece of the rug got hooked on my heel. I ripped a chunk out of that carpet!

Cindy said...

You look adorable! love the outfit! I've posted on the fb page= cindy batchelor

Thank you so much for the fun contest! Everytime i wear heels it ends up being a horror story! lol


Vanina said...

I love this shoes!!! Lavoro come barista in Italia (Rome) e non potrei mai più fare a meno delle mie Butterfly Twists!!! Camino tutto il giorno per servire i clienti ed avevo sempre male ai piedi ma da quando mi sono comprata i Butterfly Twists non ho mai più avuto male di piedi!!! Sono Scarpe incredibile!!! Li adoro!!! I love them!!! <3 Kiss from Rome - Italy <3

7hippopotamus said...

Wriiten on the facebook wall. As for high heels I don't really wear them as I can't walk in them without looking like a 3 year old trying on her mums shoes.

Rusthawk said...

I've left a comment

Lesti said...

lovely giveaway :) commented on Butterfly Twist Facebook Page.

My horror story is when I had blisters not on my heels, but on both soles of my feet. I could not walk like a normal person for a week…

Rosa Porter said...

I've written on the wall. I have had a heel break before and had to walk home barefoot!


Lizzy said...

I've entered :). As far as high heel dramas goes, I don't have any particularly nightmarish stories - only tales of pain after a long night on tiptoes! x

BlackAsphodel said...

I commented on their wall (as Black Asphodel):

My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

radmilamila said...

lovely shoes! i've entered


Jasmine1485 said...

I'm a fan of Butterfly Twists on Facebook and I commented on their wall (Kate Ryan), Gotta be honest, I don't really have high heel horror stories, because I mostly avoid wearing them :)

kate1485 at

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