Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring Wishlist

I've been very good this holiday and haven't spent that much money. I'm waiting to get back to London to do some hardcore shopping for Spring and Summer. I've been putting together my wishlist of things I want, and have been lusting over them online.

Mint skinny jeans
Mint is all the rage this Spring and I cant help but jump on the bandwagon. Among pretty mint skirts and flats, what I'm really after is mint skinny jeans. I haven't found a really cute pair anywhere yet, but I think this one from warehouse does the trick.

Photos here and here.

The Warehouse ones, technically, are more Aqua, but I did see a cute pair while instore at Zara. Thanks to exchange rates though, the Zara here is more expensive, so I'm going to wait till I get back to London to get them.

Michael Kors rose gold watch
Photo here

This is definitely going to be the latest watch to add to my watch collection. I love the rose gold colour and love the chunky boyfriend feel to it. I reckon this will look great on my arm, especially paired with a nice and delicate bracelet. I also love that it has more dials and features, such as the date and a stopwatch. It makes it practical and stylish!

Ralph Lauren Romantic Perfume
Photo here

Now, I'm a bit of a love cynic, so I avoid anything with 'Romance' in the title, but even I can't resist this sweet and, yes, romantic smelling scent. I've been dowsing myself in it while at airport duty frees (which there have been a lot of) and have fallen head over heels for the the smell. I'm not a 1 perfume kinda gal as I like smelling different every day, so have no signature scent, but would totally rock this smell all the time if I could.

Boticca Jewellery
I'm a massive jewellery fan, so it was only going to be a matter of time before I came across Boticca, an online jewellery store. I'm in love with so much from the store, and love how there's a wide variety with prices ranging from $20 all the way up to $500, and a whole host of different pieces, from designers across the world. The mix of designers is great, and it's a great way for designers from all over to get their pieces up on an international platform. I've discovered a lot of amazing designers through the website, which I never would have otherwise, and what's great is that you're buying straight from the designers. Here are some of my favourites from the site. The gold plated double finger snake ring is definitely my favourite!


As you can clearly tell, I am all about the statement jewellery right now. I love pairing them with plain tops and jeans, as it adds a bit of fun to a more casual look. Large statement rings are a particular favourite of mine, and you'll be seeing the latest addition to my collection with a ring I've just bought from Qatar.

What's on your wishlist?

Sherin xx


Priya said...

Awesome wishlist! Mine basically consists of dresses (can't get enough of them right now),loafers (from what I see online, they look good with everything)and wedges(summer's here!). I will definitely add the mint jeans to the list now. :D

Sunshine Over The Mountains

Jai'me said...

Micheal Kors's watches are so popular at the moment! Must admit, when I finally saw the rose watches in person I could understand why. Hope you are having a great holiday! :]

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your recommendation.I want to tell you True Religion Outlet store is also a good choice.

Lizzy said...

The snake ring is perfect - I can see that adding a nice tough edge to a girly spring outfit.

Inspired by you I need to go and get myself some coloured skinny jeans! I only have one black pair...

Estilo Hedónico said...

I have this pants and the watch!!! And I know where you can buy it a necklace so nice like this!! :)

I follow you!!


Satin and Souffles said...

Thankyouuu for introducing me to Bottica! I am also a huge jewelry fan & this is my kind of stuff! I think I need to join the bandwagon to & get a pair of mint skinnys. They look great!


Cafe Fashionista said...

I need a pair of Mint Skinny Jeans, as well - gorgeous! :)

Sami said...

I really want some pastel jeans too! New Look are doing a really good range at the mo x

Kimberlee said...

We have the same wish list! Well I haven't smelled that perfume but I'm sure it's great :) Let me know if you find a great pair of mint skinnies... I'm still looking

Couture Carrie said...

Awesome wish list!
I have been coveting that watch too :)


Be Inspired! said...

Refreshing wishes... so ready for lighter wear here!

Fashion Tales.... said...

I've been loving mint colour & just purchased a rose gold watch! xo

Joanne Faith said...

Great picks - I think the jeans and the watch will look great on you. I have been eyeing up that same watch... just in a different colour! :)

Ocean Dreams said...

Well it seems like from your recent post that you already took care of a statement jewelry piece - yay! I'm sure their will be more to come too. ;)

LOVE mint green skinny pants. I just don't have skinny legs so I need to find a pair that will fit my athletic frame better.

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