Saturday, 28 April 2012

Press Day Favourites

I do feel like I'm spending more and more of my weeks at Press Days. I don't mind though: I've been seeing some amazing collections, and have been hanging out with some really cool brands. And as a cherry on top, Susie is in town this week, so we've been having fun. We saw Foster The People last night as well, and they were so good!

Anyway, as always, I couldn't fit in all the press days that I went to, so here's a round up of my favourites.

I was very impressed by Matalan. It was probably the best collection I've seen from them. The fringed shorts and leather jacket were my favourite. I was also drooling over all the sequins. I can't wait to wear more sequins on a day-to-day basis. Why not, right. Oh, and they had some really cool trainers there as well, which I will definitely be buying.


The sign of a good press day is when you stay there for about 2 hours. I usually do press days really quickly, so I'm in and out, but we stayed at DC for ages. As you know, I'm a hardcore Vans girl, so it was interesting to see everyone there try to convert me. I have to admit they had some really cool stuff there, and I can't wait to get a pair of DC's to compare to my Vans. I loved some of their coloured hi-tops and loved how their female section was pretty stylish as well as skater-y.


Desa was an absolute favourite of mine. Sadly I'd wedged it in between tons of press days on a busy (and wet) day so was only in store briefly, but I liked what I saw. They focus on leather and have some really good quality pieces. I really liked the leather coats and handbags. They looked pretty practical as stylish, and I also love how cute and subtle the logo is. If you're ever in Covent Garden I definitely recommend you to head in and check their stuff out. 


I also hung out with Henry Holland and Adam Reed (from Percy & Reed) to check out some hair, and fashion, trends, thanks to Babyliss. Henry Holland was hilarious, and the hair trends looked great. I can't wait to try out some of the hair trends, especially the messy side ponytail, and also can't wait to try some Babyliss products. Their curling tongs looked like they worked really well.


Very invited us to their showrooms to check out Diana Vickers new range, and we were also treated to a fantastic acoustic set from here. She is gorgeous and so talented. And I was also really impressed by the collection. There were some cute prints and colours, which I can't wait to wear. I have a skirt from one of her previous collections, which I love, so can't wait to try out some more. 


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Sherin xx

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