Saturday, 14 April 2012

Label.m Lab Remedy

I'm someone who constantly uses heat on my hear. I'm doing something new to it at least every few days, and that has dried it up a bit, especially at the ends.
Which is why I was really excited when I found out that Label.m had introduced a new, salon-only based, remedy treatment to help out. It's a new and intensive treatment, that helps condition and repair hair, and it works below the surface to nourish the hair from the inside out.

There are three types of treatment, depending on your hair type: Lab Remedy for Coloured Hair, Lab Remedy for Dry & Damaged Hair and Lab Remedy for Dry & Itchy Scalps. Each treatment is specifically targeted to what your hair needs and contains Tri-Keravitaplex as an exclusive ingredient. I'm not going to go to the exact science of it (mainly because I only half understood it), but this is a blend of Vegan proteins (Peas, Rice, Potato) and target where repair is needed.

I was invited into a Toni & Guy Salon to have the treatment tried out on myself and I felt the difference in my hair almost immediately. The treatment was sprayed into my hair after being shampooed and conditioned, and then was rinsed out, after being in only for a few minutes. What's great is that, despite being quick to apply, it lasts a long time.

I noticed the effects on my hair as soon as it was blow-dried. My hair is a lot softer, silkier and even healthier. It's been a few days since I went in, but my hair still looks shinier and still feels great. It's all I have not to ask strangers to stroke my hair!

The service retails at £11.50 in selected Toni & Guy salons.

Do you constantly use heat or colour your hair? Would you try this treatment?

Sherin xx

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