Saturday, 10 March 2012

Tiffany & Co, Deichmann, WANT

Here's a round up of some new collections I've seen recently!

Tiffany & Co:
Tiffany & Co is one of my favourite all time jewellery brands, and I treasure the jewellery I have from there, so I was really excited to head on over to their store to check out their new Rubedo Collection. The new collection is in honour of Tiffany & Co's 175th anniversary and the Rubedo Metal is stunning. It's a mixture of gold, silver and copper and the glow from the colour is so captivating.


These were a few of my favourites from the collection. I think you can imagine how much we all had, surrounded by these beauties, as well as the fact that we were able to try them on. The silver cuff, was a particular favourite of mine along side the interlocking circle necklace.

Another favourite brand of mine, but for shoes. I have several Deichmann shoes and they're all amazing. I love their comfort and style. It was great having a look at their collection in person, and I loved all the summer shoes. There were a lot of really beautiful colours and prints, and it definitely put me in the mood for Spring.


Deichmann have also just launched a collection with Halle Berry and it's a stunner of a collection. The 5th Avenue by Halle Berry Collection is full of some great essentials including lovely beige and tan shoes, which are my favourites. And it's all so affordable, with prices starting at £29.99!

WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie:
I was also lucky enough to discover luxury leather and bag brand: Want: Les Essentiels De La Vie. The collection was amazing and I'm a convert to the brand. Doing what it says on the tin: The Essentials of Life, the collection is full of really pretty and practical bags.

The Canadian brand is full of great bags for every occasion, from everyday laptop bags and gym bags, to travel hand luggage and even cases for your favourite gadgets. Everything is simple and to the point, which I loved. There was no extra bulk to the bags, and each one had a set space for everything you would need with you, such as your laptop or iPad. The quality of the leather is incredible and there is even a bag made from organic cotton, with leather.



The new collection also includes accessories, such as leather bracelets (with dual coloured zips) and slippers. My favourite thing about the collection is that each bag is named after an airport, so our very own Heathrow has a bag, as well as New York (Kennedy) and Paris (Orly).

Sherin xx

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