Sunday, 5 February 2012

Kingly Court

One of my favourite things about being a Londoner is that there are so many 'hidden gems' dotted around the city and even as a Londoner, I can't boast about knowing everywhere worth going in the city.

During the week, Daniela, Lucy and I were kindly invited to explore Kingly Court, which is situated just behind Carnaby Street. We met at Cha Cha Moon, which is a great little noodle bar, for quick lunch to start ourselves off and I loved it there. The food was absolutely delicious, and it had a great vibe, which was a great way to introduce us to the area. We headed out to the actual Courtyard and saw just how beautiful Kingly Court is.


It's 3 floors high and is an outdoor shopping haven, filled with really fun and quirky independent stores. I always prefer shopping independent, compared to the high street, so I really enjoyed having a look around. It usually is open air, but for the winter months, a temporary roof is put up to keep shoppers warm.

Out first stop was Atelier Millinery. I absolutely love hats, so the whole shop was like being a child in a sweet shop. I loved looking at all the different hats, and we even got the chance to try them on. I tried on a vintage style birdcage veil and was overwhelmed with joy! Atelier does a lot more than sell hats and fascinators though. There are also lots of different classes, teaching you how to make birdcage veils, fascinators, trilby's, amongst many others. I think this would be such a great way to spend an afternoon! I definitely recommend a trip over to Atelier, especially if you're heading to a wedding or even Ascot.


Next stop was Camellia's Tea House. I'm not a massive tea drinker, but even I was impressed at the huge variety of teas, in all sorts of favours. The Tea House is absolutely beautiful and all the different tea's smelt amazing. We stayed there for Afternoon Tea, and the cakes were delicious. I had my first real taste of tea in years with Chocolate Tea (absolutely delicious), which is a great way to get your chocolate fix if you're on a diet. The teas are all really healthy and great with you and contain some really nice ingredients.


We then headed over to All The Fun Of The Fair, who do wool and fun knitting materials. We had so much fun looking all the quirky items and even tried our hands at pompom making. Despite making small pompom's is a skill I clearly don't have (my first attempt literally fell apart in my hands), I really enjoyed it. My second attempt (see below) came out much better and I was so proud of my handiwork.


Our penultimate stop was Things British, and it is probably one of my new favourite stores in London. It's filled with work from British designers, in the form of art, jewellery and other handicrafts, and is such a great way for upcoming designers to showcase and sell their work. We also had the very talented and lovely jewellery maker, Abi, come in and talk jewellery making. She told us the tools and equipment needed and I was surprised at how easy it all sounded. There were chains and charms so we could try for ourselves and I made this really cool chunky/charmed necklace. I love how it came out and have been wearing it constantly!


Our last stop was Hi Panda, which is somewhere I'm going to spend a lot of time. I love Pandas, so loved looking at Pandas on clothes, accessories, and even as iPhone covers (They have great his/hers pieces with the covers). My favourite piece was a knitted cape, with a panda as the hood. I tried it on and it was so warm and cosy: definitely something to live in during the winter months. The Panda's represent the new generation, and the clothes are really cool. I'll definitely be going back to buy some stuff. And we were greeted by the most adorable little pup, dressed as a Panda.


Have you been to Kingly Court?

Sherin xx


Hazel said...

This looks like a fascinating place to explore. I may just take a look next time I'm in london.

Joanne Faith said...

Oooh - I would so love to go! I love the look of the Tea Shop + Hi Panda!

LilyLipstick said...

I love Kingly Court, I could spend so much money in the Tea House and I definitely need to try Cha Cha Moon's noodles! x

Harriet said...

Ahh I got invited to this and I was so so sad I couldn't go! Stupid events-in-the-middle-of-the-day!

Looks amazing - so glad you girls had a good time!

Dena said...

oh I have to visit Camellia's tea house. Looks fantastic.


Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Aww looks like such cute places. I have yet to visit London :(

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, this place looks phenom! I imagine I would never want to leave if ever I visited! :)

Natasha said...

If there is a shop selling things with pandas on them I am all over it! I've not been to Kingly Court but I definitely need to go now. Thanks for the lovely comment too. xxx

daisychain said...

I had no idea this place existed, it looks awesome.

Johanna said...

That really sounds a "must" place to explore when I once in my life would actually get the chance to book a trip to London. Especially that cute panda shop sounds just too tempting :) xoxo ♥

Couture Carrie said...

Fun shopping!


Sandra Leiva said...

Everything looks great! <3

Maria said...

This looks great, I love finding new places to explore!

Maria xxx

Tanvi said...

Must go next time in in your city! :)

♡ from ©

Kavery said...

Loved the hat shop- what goodies it has

Poppy Valentine said...

Lovely post and what a fantastic place. I lived in London for 16 years and didn't know about that place! I especially like the fact that it's full of independents. Thanks for sharing x

Cindy Whitehead said...

That necklace is RAD!!!!

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