Friday, 20 January 2012

John Frieda: Style on Demand

I'm pretty easy going and low maintainence when it comes to getting ready and going out. I can wear next to no make up or wear the same pair of jeans for a few days, but one thing I'm really intense about is having good hair. I refuse to leave the house if there's even a smidge of a bad hair day, and I actually have 3 straighteners and 2 curlers in my room, as well as a lot of different products from different brands. I'm also on a never ending mission to find easy and fun new hairstyles to try myself.

John Frieda is one of the brands I live on and their Frizz Ease Smoothing Creme has been one of my must-have products these last few months. Their Frizz Ease range is one I've been using for ages as it works really well on my hair.
I was really excited to hear that John Frieda have launched a new Youtube Channel, containing some great how-to hair videos, called Style on Demand. There are 8 videos, each with great step-by-step guides for some on-trend hairstyles. I love how hair brands do videos like this as it's a great way to learn some new hairstyles, as well as get the most out of your hair products.

This video below was definitely my favourite. It's for the California Waves style, which will be a perfect style for a casual Summers day when it gets warm again. It's a nice and natural look, and stylist, Giles Robinson, explains how to recreate the look easily.

As it looked so easy, I decided to give it a go myself, and loved the end result. Although I didn't do it on wet hair, I still think I managed to master the look.


I parted my hair into various sections, then used a large barrel tong to curl. My hair is pretty long and thick, so large barrel tongs are a perfect way to control my curls. I curled it section by section, then half tied it up at the end, and love how casual this look is.


(Clearly, I'm still a poser when I do my hair :))


I can't wait to have a look through the rest of the videos and try out some of the other hairstyles as well.

What do you think of how I did my hair? Let me know if you re-create the look as well.

Sherin xx


Kimberlee said...

hehe love you posing :) To get "beachy" waves, I usually sleep on my hair wet which will kink it a little and lasts longer and DON'T brush it!

janettaylor said...

Strike a pose, Honey! Love your hair!


Le monde de Myriam said...

Love your hair !

The Style Box said...

Looking gorgeous as ever!
I love having wavy hair but if I styled mine like the video, it would all fall out after about 2 hours because mine is so thin and straight :( boo!


LilyLipstick said...

Your hair looks great curled. I'm going to watch some of these videos as I'm so far failing to be more adventurous with my hair! x

Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog said...

I love the frizz ease products. Your hair looks great. As my hair is so curly and frizzy, I can't do these sorts of styles.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I'm not sure if I mentioned already how much I love the new layout. But I do. ;)

And your hair. OMFG. Gorgeous.

Johanna said...

That hair looks gorgeous on you :) Love it! xoxo ♥

Couture Carrie said...

Your hair looks amazing!
Love John Frieda!


Susie said...

Oh whoops! I was supposed to to take those pictures of you. Love your shoes here though, and your coat is killer.

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Sherin, thank you for sharing this suggestion! My hair is actually very straight, a reason more to be obsessed with a good cut and products...

Night at Vogue said...

I have no idea how to work my hair, but I usually dress up every day -when I have to leave the apartment at least! :D

Diego R. Wyatt said...

I love that you pose in the mirror. Your hair looks great. I love that there are such useful tutorials on YouTube and the like. I ust found one on tying a bowtie 7 different ways last week.


monica said...

thanks for the video! i loved her - her hair looked awesome

Cinz said...

Wow, i love your curls, gosh i only have one hair straigthener! lol

Does that Frizz Ease Smoothing Creme really calm down frizzes? cuz i got a lot of frizz as it's so humid in HK!!!

I been thinking to buy a hair curler too as i dont wanna perm my hair.But i'm so lazy to curl and of cuz i'm crap at it,lol

Great post!!!


Imogen said...

Beautiful I love your hair. I got a curling tong for Christmas but my hair seems to be resistant to the curling. Now my sister uses it more than me, so annoying.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Your hair always looks incredible, Sherin! :)

Audrey Allure said...

Love your hair! I love how-to-hair videos, makes hairstyles easier for me to achieve - esp for someone like me who's terrible at it without some sort of guide haha.

Cindy Whitehead said...

Sherin, your hair always looks amazing! I need your help w/mine - it's so boring and straight.. These JF tutorials are GREAT!!

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