Thursday, 1 December 2011

Interview: Touran Reddaway (Firouzeh)

We all know just how important and special jewellery can be. I love discovering new jewellery brands, and my latest find is Firouzeh.

Inspired by Persian and Byzantine treasures, British designer Touran Reddaway has created an absolutely beautiful collection, made with 18-carat gold, named Firouzeh. The  pieces really are works of art and Reddaway wanted to share the culture and history of the places she takes inspiration from.

I was lucky enough to ask Reddaway a few questions about Firouzeh, and here's the interview:


1) Tell us a bit about yourself and about Firouzeh.

Humans, throughout history, have loved adornment. My collection creates these adornments combining history, creativity, beauty and art. Firouzeh jewellery is inspired by the finest Persian and Byzantine treasures. Made using 18 carat gold mixed with pure silver as its alloy, Firouzeh pieces retain the brilliant colour of 24 carat pure gold. Drawing on history for its inspirations, my collection is entirely unique and handcrafted. Every ornament has a story behind it, whether inspired by some of the oldest treasures and tales of Persia and Byzantium or by current prominent events affecting our world. Symbolic forms from old customs and beliefs are incorporated into in what my opinion is one of the finest forms of art. Through my collection I want to share a side of Iranian and Byzantine culture which is so often forgotten in the current political climate between east and west: the rich history, creativity and culture which continues to flow despite the present lack of harmony.

2) There are a lot of really pretty patterns in the collection; where did you get inspiration for the jewellery?

I draw inspiration very much from my heritage when designing my jewellery. My father being a diplomat, we traveled and lived in different countries from the time we were born. My brothers and I were brought up to respect and admire different cultures, and we all developed an interest in history from my father (he studied it at university). My mother is from Iran, so I have been surrounded by Persian history and culture from a very young age.


3) What can we expect from future collections?

I am working closely with a couple of charities. I am designing a tiger inspired piece which will be auctioned to raise money for the protection and conservation of tigers for Tiger Time. And as for collections, I always have new ideas in my head, I just have to see what I can do with them! Hopefully another collection will be on the cards soon.

4) What is your favourite piece?

Although I generally like to change around what jewellery I wear on a regular basis, there is one piece I will never go without. It is a smallcring (I wear on my little finger) which really shows off some amazing craftsmanship through the perfection of its exquisite detail. It is a simple gold band with tiny flowers made from granulation (a very old and complex technique of using gold). Despite being very small and
discrete, many people ask me about it and always want to take a closer look.


5) Why do you think so much importance is attached to jewellery?

In my opinion jewellery is another form of art and expression. We use it to not only enhance our appearance, make our outfits looks complete, but also as a means of expressing ourselves. Throughout the ages adornment has always had an important role in how people presented themselves, whatever culture or nationality they might be from. Just look at characters such as Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I or Elizabeth Taylor. No matter what period they are from, jewellery has always been a huge part of them and how they present themselves. Whether a woman wears a very discrete amount of jewellery, or likes to be covered
head to toe, in each case it says something about that woman, give an insight into her personality. Personally I think it such a wonderful way of expressing yourself!


What do you think of the jewellery? Stunning, isn't it?

Sherin xx

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Meream said...

Gold + turquoise = always STUNNING ;D

Kailey said...

These are absolutely incredible, thank you for sharing!

Cafe Fashionista said...

What gorgeous pieces! Fabulous interview, Sherin! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful pieces and interview!


Susie said...

Great interview, Sherin! I love learning about new designers. :)

Claire said...


ow that first piece IS delightful.

Johanna L. said...

Interesting interview, and so precious jewellery :) thanks for sharing this :)

I just put up a little giveaway in my blog ;) xoxo

La penderie de ChloƩ said...

stunning indeed. i love the neckless with the three lil angels <3

La penderie de ChloƩ said...

thank you for sharing !

Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog said...

This collection looks amazing. I love the angels. Great interview too, it is always interesting to hear about the person behind the designs.

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