Thursday, 13 October 2011

QVC Diamonique

It's been another one of those amazing weeks, where I'm running around to different events, discovering tons of new brands and meeting some great people.
Although, running around in heels did mean that I fell down my stairs yesterday, so I'm nursing some bumps and bruises as I write this. But I'll be fine.

As someone who LOVES jewellery, I was excited to check out QVC's pop up Diamonique store and was really impressed. The Diamonique range produces some of the most real looking faux diamonds and we were seriously shocked at how identical they are to real diamonds. We were even given 2 identical rings and were asked to spot the one with the real diamond: it was a tough task.

Can you tell the difference? I got it right first time round, but honestly have no idea while looking at the picture now?

The stones are cut and specially made like real diamonds and the carats are measured in the same way as well. And, with prices starting a low price point, there was something for everyone, as well as the jewellery being the perfect alternative to diamonds.

The rings were my favourite. They were so pretty and the range includes a perfect mix of classic rings and those for more special occasions.




The earrings were perfect as well. I could definitely see this first pair fitting in in my jewellery box, and being worn with a pretty dress to a wedding.



And what jewellery range is complete without a key necklace?


QVC also launched 3 new lines to the range: Designer, Celebration and Essential, perfect for every occasion. So the Designer range includes pieces created by designers all over the world, Celebration is for when you want that extra sparkle, and Essential is full of classic, every day pieces, that every girl should have.


Are you a jewellery wearer? Do you prefer large, costume jewellery, or do you like having classic pieces in your jewellery box?

Sherin xx

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Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Sherin, it must have been difficult to spot the difference! I have to say that I love a mix of few jewellery pieces (that are ussually gifts, so very dear to me) and a lot of bold costume jewellery, especially necklaces but I prefer when tehy are made of 'poor' materials like fabrics, wood, etc.

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Forgot to say...hope you get well soon! Take care!

Silvertigo said...

Oh honey, I'm sorry to hear you fell. I hope you're okay though. <3 all that jewellery is so sparkling and amazing, would absolutely love any of the pieces :) thanks for sharing, and try to heal yourself quickly :) xoxo

Couture Carrie said...

Absolutely gorgeous pieces!
I love costume jewelry!


Cafe Fashionista said...

That key necklace is absolutely killing me - I love! :)

Harriet said...

Oh the jewellery is gorgeous! I was so sad I couldn't make it to this in the end, but thanks for sharing your photos so I still can see it!

janettaylor said...

Amazing jewelry!

Elle Sees said...

If I could afford it, there would be diamonds! I only own, but love, my costume stuff.

catwalk criminal said...

Love the jewellery ♥

Cliff said...

im not a jewerly wearer but i would prefer a classic timeless one! :)


VeRo! said...

i like bold jewelry that make a statment!
great idea to copy real diamonds! :D


Clare said...

I am liking this trend towards faux diamonds. Real diamonds are so crazily priced, there is no reason to buy real ones!

Cee said...

This line is really impressive! In some shots I can tell that the stones aren't diamonds, but in others its completely impossible. I mainly have costume jewelry, because I like to have tons of different options and I find that bright jewelry can really sprice up an otherwise not very exciting look :) Sounds like you're having a fabulous week!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, I totally couldn't tell the difference. I reckon my boyfriend could give me one of those arcade 20p rings and I'd be over the moon thinking it's worth a fortune! (shh, don't tell him that though!) I'm sorry you had a fall, I hope you're ok.

I usually go for costume jewellery. I have some more delicate pieces that were gifts and I love... but they only come out on special occasions because I'm so clumsy I'm sure I'd lose or break them! xxx

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