Monday, 8 August 2011

Fun Times

I had a lot of fun over the last week, so I thought I'd share what I've been upto.

Leia's been in town (part of the original HiFashion Team), so obviously we had to meet up.

(Taken by Susie last Monday)

On Thursday, Leia, Susie, Dena and I all met up to have a juice at our favourite place, Joes, and we had an afternoon of chatting away there. Joe and the Juice is my favourite place in London, and I know it's one of Susie's as well. What can be better than getting delicious, healthy juice, served by gorgeous guys, in a really relaxing place (the upstairs has a lot of big sofa's and comfy cushions).

The picture below was taken by Susie and shows us strutting our stuff behind Oxford Circus. I initially wasn't a huge fan of this outfit, but it definitely grew on me (Spartoo shoes, Asos jeans, Tesco tank, Republic top).

I also went to Field Day Festival on Sunday, with Susie and Fritha. Although we didn't know most of the bands playing, there was a great atmosphere in Victoria Park, and it was a lot of fun to take it all in. We also bumped into an old friend of mine, Orchid, who was wearing this great Obama dress.


And we also saw a few games, such as pyramid racing, tug of war and a blindfolded sack race (yup, totally as funny as it sounds).



I've also been using GHD's Root Lift Spray, which has kept my hair going this week and I absolutely love it. GHD definitely know what to do when it comes to hair and I always trust their products. I've been using it on both wet and dry hair, and it definitely adds a bit of oomph to my hair. It's perfect if you want to add a bit of volumn to your hair or if you haven't washed it and need to give your hair some life.

What have you gotten upto recently?

Sherin xx


Sophie - Country girl said...

looks like you had a great time! I love your outfit, that loose top and skinny jeans looks so fab on you!

Michelle Goldie said...

Great post!
My last post is about what you can do in London:
I would be glad if you tell me what you think!

Lee Oliveira said...

What a fabulous time did you have..
love, love the B&W photos
lee x

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, you all look so gorgeous! I'm so glad that you've been having a fabulous time together! :)

Moymun said...

Sherin and Leia- you guys look lovely! xx

ana said...

Nice pictures Sherin! what a great time you had ;)

Leia said...

Orchid's dress is awesome! field day sounds like SO much fun. See you again sooon! xx


Maria said...

This looks like so much fun, it must have been so nice to see Leia again too :)

Maria xxx

Aysh said...

Haha! glad you've had a good week, looks like a lot of fun! Lol at the blind folded sack race!! Be honest, did you take part too??? ;) hehe!

Love Aysh xoxo

Harriet said...

That Obama dress is the most amazing thing ever!

Kristin said...

You two are the cutest pair!

Natasha said...

Looks like a brilliant day out and the Obama dress is so quirky, I love it. xxx

Kimberlee said...

Aw it's so great to see you and Leia together again! Look at you rocking the sexy heels ;)

Isabel said...

looks like you are having lots of fun!

Margaux said...

I'm always hearing such good things about GHD products! And you guys look like you had a great time.

The Cat Hag said...

What a fun day out, and that Obama dress is so cute!! :)

The Cat Hag
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Ocean Dreams said...

Oh my gosh glad you and L. were able to meet up and I used to do a jump sack race when I was a little girl - super fun!

Ha ha that Obama dress cracks me up. Talk about original style and she looks quite pretty!

Dressing Up For Me said...

You girls look so gorgeous together! Reuniting with friends is really fun. :)

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