Friday, 8 July 2011

What I'm Loving...

There are always amazing new collections and pieces coming into my inbox, so I thought I'd do a round up post on all the great pieces that I'm loving.

Susie and I were lucky enough to get to see the new Max C and Traffic People collections at their warehouse and I loved it. Both collections consisted of pretty dresses, a lot of colour, and some amazing prints.

I love this white lace dress. The back has black buttons and an open middle, to make it more fun.


And I definitely need this top. It's gorgeous and so retro!


Also, how cute is this charm from Truth Jewellery? The website is full of adorable charms. 


I also came across a lovely new etsy shop. Etsy, as we know, is pretty amazing and there are some really talented people on it. I came across this lovely store, Miss Fluff, that specialises in intricate handmade leather jewellery, inspired by wildlife.


HiFashion readers will also get free delivery from any orderse from Miss Fluff. All you have to do is type HIFASH01 at checkout.

Finally, QVC has some amazing new jewellery.I'm a huge fan of animals on my jewellery, especially bugs, so these are right up my alley. I love these spidery jewellery pieces. The spider ring is crystal, and Butler and Wilson, and the Necklace has pearl and velvet, and is from Adele Marie.


What are you loving right now?

Sherin xx


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the miss fluff necklace. it's amazing!


LilyLipstick said...

The white lace dress is gorgeous. x

Phoebe said...

Love the cutout detail of the lace dress, have it bookmarked for a potential birthday dress!

Audrey Allure said...

Loving that first dress & the leather necklace!

danniekate said...

ooh, jewellery jewellery jewellery! love that big choker :) xx

Cinz said...

oh my! i love that top!!! It's soo cute!:D i love polka dots and bows so its a great combo here:D hope u get it soon!!!

Lovely jewelery too, i like that first pic of that black leave lookalike necklace:D


Tanvi said...

Hard t choose babes ... I like the white lace dress, also that retro top .. .and the Miss Fluff stuff!!! Soo many things :)

♡ from ©

Danni said...

Omg, that white lace dress.


Susu Paris Chic said...

That top is so seventies which will be a big trend in the fall. Clever gals "go for it" now;)

Cafe Fashionista said...

That white lace dress is perfection - I am loving the aesthetic! :)

Ani. said...

Oh - I need to check out that Etsy shop!!!

Haute World said...

Wonderful round up! I love the white lace dress - especially the back detailing. And the leather necklace is gorgeous too!

Susie said...

Oooh, is this a birthday wish list? eh? eh?

Allison said...

That white dress is so stunning - I am SUCH a huge fan of anything with detailing in the back like that. I think it adds a little bit of sex appeal in a mysterious way, without being vulgar or overt!
Right now I'm loving anything off the shoulder, cropped shirts, and bright colored bandeaus! :)
Love this post, my dear friend!

Rachel said...

Love! Everything looks so fabulous! I'm especially liking that white dress. The fact that it's open in the middle on the back is fantastic!

Hannah said...

that lace hole-in-the-back dress and leafy necklace are just lovely x

Maria said...

I love that lace dress and that top is adorable!

Maria xxx

Faye said...

i love the necklaces :) nice!:)

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