Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thank You HP

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my angry tweets last week about my computer. It restarted itself and then decided to delete everything from my hard drive. It needed a huge virus scan and was down for days and days. Needless to say, I was NOT happy.

Lucky for me, HP spotted one of my tweets and offered to help out. They sent out one of their HP Mini 110's in blue, to trial and play around with for a few weeks, until my computer was sorted.


I really love this laptop. It really helped when I needed it the most and was a perfect stand in for my PC. I love the colour of it. The blue makes it more fun than the average black or white laptops out there and it's so easy to use.
Because it's small, compact and light, it's the perfect laptop for on-the-go blogging. I can take it out and about to events, and do 'live blogging' while there. I haven't done this yet (too scared to take it out, in case it gets a bump), but if any laptop was made for live blogging, it's this one.


The Mini switchs on and gets started really quickly and the battery life lasts forever. I can take the laptop around the house, whether in the garden, or in front of the tv, and the battery will go on all day. That's a huge plus, as no one likes lugging around a huge charger everywhere. It also doesn't get too hot when you leave it on your lap for too long.
Best of all, it's really comfortable to use. It's light and compact, so easy to carry, and the keys, in particular, are comfortable. I found myself typing a lot faster, and not feeling the need to hit the keys too hard.
I'm not sure exactly what Mini 110 it was, so can't give the all important specs, but it had Windows 7 starter and an integrated webcam. The screen was also anti glare (not that that came in handy as it's been dark and wet for the last few weeks now).


I have to give it back to HP at the end of the month, but July is my Birthday month, so  I really think I'll get myself a HP Mini with my Birthday money. The mini's come in so many patterns and colours, that I can really have a lot of fun when buying and choosing mine. HP even did a collaboration with Vivianne Tam and launched some amazing laptops, with butterfly prints on them. I'd love to have such a fun, fashionable laptop that's colourful and cool. It'll look so much better than the standard ones out there.

What laptop do you have? Would you try the mini? (Please, no PC v Mac debates, hehe)

Sherin xx


Lizzy said...

Yay, fellow July birthday girl! Best month by far :). I have a little pink acer netbook - similar size to the HP mini I think, which is super light and great for the on the go stuff. I am looking a new laptop though, something big and beefy for thesis writing. I can't believe HP sent you this one for a trial! Very generous.

Filipa said...

That is so lovely!! Like, they pure just gave you a laptop to use! :) Wow, HP just got some major kudos from me! You wouldn't see Apple doing that! haha!

HP UK said...

Hi Sherin!

We're really glad we could help you out when you had a problem with your old laptop and even more happy that the match between you and the HP Mini 110 was such a success!

Have a lovely day!

Kind regards,


Couture Carrie said...

Sorry about your computer woes!
The mini looks fun!


Susie said...

MACS RULE!!! Jk, jk, this computer is super cute! It's so nice they let you try it out too! :)

Rachel said...

I'm a Mac girl, but I always had HP PC's because they were the best, and I LOVE the designs - they had loads in the bloggers lounge at Britians Next Top Model Live - they were so pretty!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I want this - I would definitely try a Mini. I currently have a Pink Dell Inspiron that I adore. A Mini like this would be perfect for my days about town when I need my laptop with me! :)

B a la Moda said...

I am glad that they heard you and solved your problem. It is very nice of them.

B* a la Moda

Tanvi said...

Good for them ... for being sincere listener to their customer's woes! Glad you like it :)

♥ from ©

Anonymous said...

gorgeous do yourself a favour and get a mac. I promise you will never regret it.

very nice of HP to help you out.
See you on Saturday. Hope it doesn't rain.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

That's beyond awesome. Oh twitter is so powerful now. x hivenn

cookingcat said...

I think they are mean not giving it to you quite frankly I mean all this free advertising and they want it back???

Sandra said...

I have a Lenovo and I love it.
I'd love to have a smaller laptop for traveling, but I wouldn't use it all the time. I just have to have a big screen. :D

FashionJazz said...

This is awesome hun! I have exactly the same one in that colour and I love it!! Use it all the time! Enjoy : ) xx

Isabel said...

for on the go blogging i might try a mini comp but i love my current computer and nothing could get me to switch. lol.

Elle Enchanted said...

I have a netbook from toshiba and I loved it at first but the processor is so so slow it lags in simple things. It doesn't fit my school's minimum requirements, and my current laptop is failing badly. I need a new one but can't afford it so I guess I'll just have to see how long I can go with this one blue screening at least two times a week. How nice of HP to lend you one though, that was totally sweet of them!

Anonymous said...

I saw this on FB. That is sooo awesome!

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