Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hyde Park for a gig

On Wednesday, Susie and I headed off to Hyde Park to see Kings of Leon live. It was an outdoor gig, so I was really pessimistic about the weather. It was literally bucketing it down that morning, and we were drenched while we were in the queue to get in. But by some miracle, it really cleared up by the time they opened up the gates to let us in.


Once in, we realised that the ground was massive, and decided to go straigt to the main stage and were really lucky to be right at the front. we were surprised at how close we actually got, and were only 4 from the front by the time the gig started.

I have a slight confession though. Despite being a huge Kings of Leon fan, the main reason I got these tickets was because both Mona and White Lies were supporting. I am in love with both bands, so was more excited to see them.

To my surprise, Mona were first supporting act (They had to get to Glasto) and that really made my day. I've missed out on seeing them live twice (I even had tickets on time), but I did end up meeting the lead singer, Nick Brown, at an afterarty though.They're an awesome band and I was expecting them to be great live, and they were so much better!! They were amazing and are possibly the best band I've seen live now!! They absolutely rocked Hyde Park and were so brilliant! I love them so much more now.


Next up was The Zac Brown Band. I don't think a lot of people knew who they were, but they were so entertaining to watch. They were predominantly a country band, but had a guy rocking out on the violin (coolest thing ever) and even a guy going nuts with a tamborine. It was hilarious. They ended their set with a cover of Rage Against's 'Killing in the name of' and I think Susie was the only person there who'd never heard that song before.


White Lies were next and I was so excited to see them as well. I saw them earlier this year and they were amazing, so I was excited to see them in this kind of an atmosphere. They rocked it and are always a pleasure to see live. My favourite thing about them is that vocalist, Harry, always smiles on stage and looks like he loves every second of it. I know both albums like the back of my hand, so was singing along during the whole set.


After they went off, we were pretty tired. We'd been on our feet for ours, so decided to move away from the front and grab some food, and hill out for a bit. Only then did we realise just how big the whole area was. There were thousands of people there, most at the back , sitting on the grass, having picnics. The atmosphere was immense and everyone was having a great time. There were lots of food stands and tons of people just enjying themselves, while watching the show on the big screens.

After eating, we decided not to go back to the front, but chill at the back and relax. Paul Weller was one by this point, and no denying that that man is an absolute legend. He was amazing to listen to while in the background.
Finally, at 8.45, KoL came on and they were amazing. By this point, though, a lot of people were really drunk and really annoying and it totally ruined the experience. But KoL were still fab and did a great mix of old and new songs. We were stood towards the back, and watching the sunset, while listening to KoL was amazing. My favourite moment was when they played Closer (my favourite song of theirs) just as the sun was setting. Perfection!


What's been your best live music experience?

Sherin xx


Sandra said...

Sounds like a great concert. I'd love to see Kings of Leon live, I adore their music!

Kit-Cat-Kitty-Cat said...

So many fave gigs to choose from. Either my first ever festival, my first European festival or seeing Chromeo live in a really small venue. OH ACTUALLY! No, it's deffo seeing Kanye West live in a tiny venue that holds 300 just after he'd released his first album & not many people knew who he was.
I go to at least 2 festivals at home every year and I try to get to at least 1 European festival, i've been pretty lucky in the last few years in that i've managed to travel to Belgium, Hungary, New York amongst others to go to good gigs and festivals. There's nothing like it.

Rachel said...

So very jealous of you two now... my best live music experience? You were there! I don't think anything can been Maroon 5 for me..!

Diego R. Wyatt said...

So jealous right now lol...I love Kings of Leon and can't wait to catch them live. Also Nick Brown of Mona looks great!!!

My best music experience was seeing Erykah Badu live in Atlanta. The show was phenomenal. I also can't wait to see Cee-Lo, Janelle Monae and antigold in August at AfroPunk Festival in Brooklyn.


Shybiker said...

Cool! I love concerts.

There's a small place near me (in Amagansett) which attracts great talent despite its size. I've seen many concerts there, none better than The Fabulous Thunderbirds, a high-energy blues band.

Girl about town.... said...

I am so jealous! Looks like you had the best time!
My best experience was seeing the Noisette's! It was in a tiny venue and the lead singer came out into the crowd. Its was wonderful!

Have great weekend

Girl about Town XxX

Stevia said...

sounds like a fun event!
i'm not a fan of KOL but their songs are quite catchy :)

<3 /

ANN said...

You're so lucky! I love KOL, I haven't gave them a listen in a while!

Sarah M said...

AAHHHH soooo jealous I love them!! my best music experience has to be tonight! :p going to the iifa awards in toronto! :D

Dressing Up For Me said...

It´s been years since I´ve been to a live concert although there´s a rock festival going on around here this weekend. Hmmm, you just gave me an idea, Sherin. :)

Elle Enchanted said...

AHH I love kings of leon! I would have loved to be there! I haven't been to many concerts at all but the best was a very classic one haha- Billy Joel and Elton John. I was legit in the tippity top back row behind the stage and it was still one of the most amazing days ever.

Cee said...

I saw Kings of Leon at the Olympia in Paris in 2009, and it was an amazing experience, but I think what really made it my favourite concert experience was the sense of community I felt with everyone at the show. KoL don't have much of a following in Paris, and almost the whole crowd were kids who had come over from the UK to see the show. Nearly everyone there didn't know French, and because I speak it I ended up helping quite a few people find their way around, deal with security, etc. I don't think I'll ever be at anything like that again. But I have to admit, this outdoor show sounds absolutely fabulous.

PinkBow said...

i do enjoy hearing about yours & susie's escapades ;-)

yiqin; said...

lucky you to see them live <3

Couture Carrie said...

What fun, darling!
Love Kings of Leon!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, Kings of Leon - love love! :)

Kavery said...

We enjoy the atmosphere at rock gigs.The best so far was The Police performing here

Cindy Whitehead said...

Girl - you go to the best concerts! I love that!!

Ioana Liliana said...

AH! Would have loved to see KoL!!

Fashezine said...

Other than one date in college, I have only been to one concert...I bought tickets to see Daughtry, and Lifehouse for Andrew's birthday gift. But he wasn't too excited to see Daughtry. lol but LOVED lifehouse. Since then he has been mentioning how he would like to go to more concerts... :)

I have been trying to listen to all the band you go see! lol But I don't always get to it. I liked Mona though... :) said...

Other than one date in college, I have only been to one concert...I bought tickets to see Daughtry, and Lifehouse for Andrew's birthday gift. But he wasn't too excited to see Daughtry. lol but LOVED lifehouse. Since then he has been mentioning how he would like to go to more concerts... :)

I have been trying to listen to all the band you go see! lol But I don't always get to it. I liked Mona though... :) said...

Oh , and the last pic of you totally rocks.

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