Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Juices in London

I had no idea how much I loved full skirts before I got this one. It was from the goody bag I picked up at the Very press day. They emailed beforehand, asking our sizes, and then put something different in all our goody bags. I thought that was a fantastic personal touch from the Very team! When I pulled it out of the goody bag, I knew it was something that I could wear all through summer.


This one is from the Diana Vickers range, Dee V, from the site. The celebrity collections on Very are all gorgeous and really good quality. I have a dress from the Fearne Cotton range, which is probably my favourite piece in my closet. And this skirt is fast becoming my second favourite piece.

I love how well it fits and the length. I haven't really been embracing longer skirts, which are in this season, but this is probably my perfect length. It's not too long, that I feel enveloped, but it's not too short that I get a disapproving look from my mum, hehe. And the fullness to it gives it that perfect 50's shape.

My favourite thing about the skirt is the amazing bird embroidery at the front. It's so well stitched. And the quality of the whole skirt is absolutely brilliant.


I've also abandoned heels for a while, so I'm onto flats. Turns out blisters and limping is not a good look. I've only recently discovered what a great shoe flats actually are. My flats are from Tesco, and the t-shirt and cardi are both from HandM.

I wore this outfit while meeting up with Tanvi, who happens to be one of my favourite bloggers. She lives in America, but I got a surprise phone call last week saying she was in town for the long weekend, and I knew we had to meet up. We went to Joe and The Juice, which is a juicebar that's recently opened up on Oxford Circus, and Susie and I love it there. Actually, while Tanvi and I were catching up, guess who walks in: Susie herself.


Sherin xx

All photo credist to Susie. She's becoming my personal photographer!


Lizzy said...

I thought this skirt looked awesome on you when I saw Susie's twitpic yesterday. I can't believe it was a freebie - lucky you! My feet had a falling out with a pair of shoes a week ago, and I am still wearing flats in an attempt to nurse them back to health. Doh... :P.

Ooh, and thank you so much for voting for my brother's band! x

Rachel said...

You all look lovely - and you've got to take me to that juice bar!

Hazel said...

Gorgeous skirt. Looks great on you. The DeeV range is fab, it was this skirt and the dress with net overlay and full skirt that caught my eye.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I am so obsessed with your skirt; you look incredible, Sherin! :)

Lee Oliveira said...

Tell Susie she did a great job. You girls look fabulous
lee x

Maria said...

You look gorgeous! I love full skirts so I need to take a look at the Diana Vickers range I think!

Maria xxx

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look, darling!
Love your skirt!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

That skirt is BEAUTIFUL!! I adore it. :) The color is particularly stunning.

How lucky you got to meet Tanvi! She's one of my favorite bloggers (besides you)! I wish I could go abroad for a long weekend. :P

Tere said...

nice look, i really love this post!!

have a nice day!


Kristin said...

You and Miss T together...I love it!

Sophie - Country girl said...

love that skirt, cute detailing!

Susie said...

Such a fun day! I am obsessed with that juice place and Tanvi is the coolest. So happy I bumped into you guys!

Also, I loved how Very picked items for each of us--such a sweet personal touch!

Anonymous said...

Babes I love the skirt, I got the yellow corset top from the range and love it.

Joe and Juice have been there more than a year though and is def one of my favourites because its a minute from BBC office plus its filled with gorgeous Scandinavian guys :)

the nyanzi report said...


ambuji said...

I love the retro fell of the skirt and espcially the cross-stitiched embroidery. It is just the right amount on the skirt. Tanvii looks great as ever!How nice that you guys met up in London : )

Kavery said...

How awesome you guys got to meet up. You all look so happy!

Leigh said...

love this skirt! so pretty, you look gorgeous! also, sounds like you guys had a good time! juice bars rock! :)

fritha louise said...

Ooh I love the skirt on you! The embroidery is great! I really want the sequin dress from the Diana Vickers range but it's £99 :(

janettaylor said...

Cute cute skirt!

Cindy Whitehead said...

It looks very cute on you!!

Diego R. Wyatt said...

That skirt is so adorable and I love the cardi with it and the basic. The blues look great together.


Tanvi said...

It was soooo good to meet you Sherin! SOO much fun! And I really loved that Juice place too. I know I have to go here again whenever I am in town next! Hope you guys enjoyed the movie that evening!!

Of course that skirt is fabulous. You lucky lucky girl ;)

Come visit me in U.S.

♡ from ©

Tasha said...

I love full skirts! They are perfect for summer and really flattering on us shorter girls! :) Love the detailing on the skirt! You look pretty Sherin!

ana said...

Oh! you look soo pretty! I love the skirt

annie said...

That is so awesome!!! I'm glad you got to meet her! Tanvi is also a favorite blogger of mine!

Your skirt is beautiful! I love the embroidery. My mom use to buy me stuff like that on occasion.

Elle Enchanted said...

Aww Sherin's gotten very girly lately! :P. Love the skirt, it's very pretty. And ahh so jealous you got to meet Tanvi, she's one of my favorites (and vice versa (that she got to meet you haha)!).

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