Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Barbara Panter

I've recently discovered a really cool, unique new artist: Barbara Panther. Both her music and fashion are set to take the world by storm. Born in Rwanda, raised in Brussels and based in Berlin, Panther is able to cross musical boundaries with ease. Despite not really inspired by her background, she say's: “I’m intrigued by the universe, water and the moon, and their interdependencies, which is noticeable in both the record’s sound and theme”, and she touches on themes such as religion and ethnicity in her songs.


She also worked with German Designer, Larissa Hadjio, for her 2011 accessories collection and you can check out the video here. It is seriously epic stuff and there are some amazing pieces in the collection, including a hammerhead shark shaped bag.

Her debut album was released earlier this month and was incredible to listen to. It is a really unique record, and her video for Empire went down a treat as well.  It's very different, and she's been compared to the likes of Bjork. Her sound is very futuristic, while her style is eccentric, so I can imagine her live shows to be amazing. I'm listening to the album as I type and it's nothing like anything you'd have ever heard before. Each track is as unique as the last and it's 12 tracks of pure awesomeness.



I also got the chance to ask her a few questions and her answers really are spectacular!

1: You have really unique style, how would you describe it? Me! An extract from what is, will be and always was!

2: Where do you get your style inspiration from? Honestly, from inside, looking outside, the
now which is past future and present. Ask me if I’d ever get married, I’d say no, I don't believe in
divorce, ask me if I believe in life, maybe, but I can't tell, I never died.

3: What was it like working with Larissa Hadjio and what was your favourite from the collection?
Larissa is my very good friend, she's always creative and working, I wish I had that energy and
discipline! My favourite bag of her collection is the Shark!

4: What can we expect when we see you live? You can expect me first of all, and when you hear
the sounds on the record live it will make it all the more true, real and unbelievable!

5: What's the next step for you? I'm leaving the world for a while, only to return wiser!


You can check out her latest single: Moonlight People here:

Barbara Panther - Moonlight People from City Slang on Vimeo.

Sherin xx


Making life more beautiful said...

Wow! How inspirational! thanks so much for sharing hun! ƸӜƷ x ƸӜƷ x ƸӜƷ

Sick by Trend said...

1st picture is awesome. great post thanks for sharing :D


Becky Regina said...

What a lovely interview! She seems like a very cool woman :)

Lee Oliveira said...

Great interview Sherin.. She has a great voice.. Love the fashion in this video
Lee x

Cafe Fashionista said...

Fantastic interview, Sherin! J'adore her style! :)

Rachel said...

Oh, very cool! And great interview, Sherin! I really love the colors in the second photo.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Well I am a HUGE Bjork fan so I definitely need to check her out immediately. She sounds fabulous. My comp doesn't have sound right now, otherwise I would listen to your video. Sigh.

annie said...

I have never heard of her before! I LOVED the video of the collection. It was amazing!

Now I will be listening to her all day! lol :) Loved this post!

Ashley said...

I can't wait to check out her music; it sounds great! And I loved her amswers; thanks for the interview:) All of the pics are awesome as well! xx

Kristin said...

Wow...What an incredible talent!

Vicki said...

these are amazing!! how different and cool! :) xo

Anonymous said...

girl is fierce!

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Miss Neira

Belly B said...

Those images are just haunting. Beautiful!

<3 Belly B

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