Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Aussie Bootcamp

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty lazy and have been eating a lot of junk recently. But recently, I have been a bit more encouraged.

To tie in with the release of their new Lusciously Light conditioners (which I've been using a lot), Aussie have set us Angels on a Lusciously Light path, and you can see how I got started on my challenge here. Apart from that, and switching my 5 o'clock chocolate for a piece of fruit, I have become pretty useless again.

So Aussie's bootcamp couldn't have come at a better time. I'll be honest though, when I first heard that we'd be having a bootcamp, my initial thought was of us running around, doing drills, in the rain, while wearing military clothing. Lucky for us, it was nothing like that. Phew!!

I went for the bootcamp day on Saturday and had so much fun. All us Angels, who picked the Lighter Self Challenge (as opposed to Lighter Style), met up at the Reebok Club, in Canary Wharf, and were greeted by the lovely Emma and Holly from Aussie (we love them!) The Reebok Club is actually a really cool gym (and there were a few hunks working out as well).


We were treated to some light breakfast (I chose a tub of pinapple, mango and melon: my favourite fruits) and then, while in our Lusciously Light Aussie t-shirts, we headed over to one of the studios and we met Amanda, or Gymanda, who was our trainer for the day.

 (an excited Maria and Lil before we started)

We started off with a light warm up, and were told to find space. I went right to the front and when I looked behind me, everyone else was right at the back. I looked like a teachers pet! But we got warmed up and got into groups to do various different types of workouts. There was kick boxing, tricep pushes on benches, running and even hula hooping!

That's me above. I'm not going to lie; that section was probably the hardest thing I've EVER done. Those yellow weights were heavy.

(Remind me never to get into a fight with Emma!)


We were also incentivised with the hula hooping. The best hula-ers were given Topshop vouchers. And guess who was one of the winners...ME!! That's right: I'm a champion hula hooper! You can see my awesome skills in the picture above.

Next we had a lusciously light lunch, with salads and healthy sandwiches, alongside water and fruit juices. I picked a grilled veggie pitta and it was actuall really delicious.
We also got a chance to mingle then as well. It was nice catching up with some old blogger friends as well as getting to know more bloggers.

Our final plan for the day was Yoga. I'd never tried Yoga before, so I was a bit scared, but it was so much fun. I really enjoyed doing all the various moves (for lack of better word). I really did feel my muscles flexing during the Yoga session and it's definitely something I'll look to do again.


As someone who rarely works out, I really enjoyed my whole day. It was fun to work out with some of my favourite bloggers and Amanda was a fantastic trainer.

I've also been more encouraged to be healthier in the 2 days since. I've been mainly drinking water, Juice and Ribena, and have switched from crisps to nuts. I've also cut down to 1 chocolate a day (I'll never give that one up) and been practising a bit of the yoga.

What kind of work outs do you do?

Sherin xx

The pictures are a mixture of mine and Aussies.


Mrs. April said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I've gotten bored of my usual work out, so I'm glad summer is finally here. Plus, I'm going to start taking pole dancing classes with a friend of mine. It's certainly not something I plan on using in the future (haha) but it sounds like a fun way to work out! Shake things up, ya know?!

Rachel said...

Good you're eating better - but that day looked like my worst nightmare!

Sandra said...

That sounds like a really fun day.
I do all sorts of dancing to keep fit - jazz, showdance, hip-hop. It's fun and good for you at the same time. :)

Maria said...

It was so lovely to see you again! I can't believe how excited I look in that picture either, haha! I found the yoga so difficult but I really did have fun! :)

Maria xxx

Danni said...

Hehee, congrats on the TS vouchers Sherin!! I love hula-hooping...sooo tempted to get one :P Looks like you all had a fab day, gutted I couldn't be there! x

Susie said...

Oh, do you really like yoga now?! I love yoga! Let's go!!

Sophie - Country girl said...

It sounds like a great day. I've just done 3 days of the 30 day shred and its breaking me. I would love to try yoga but I'm sure I'd drift off. I fall asleep too easily.

Diego R. Wyatt said...

Hahaha I am all for the chocolate a day plan lol. This looks like a blast! I do yoga and boxing to stay fit. They are great stress-relievers and shred extra pouns quickly and are great for toning. I also love running (as long as I don't sweat too much ; ))


daisychain said...

Looks amazing! I'm glad I picked lighter style though, I couldn't cope with all that exercise!

Sami said...

This looks like so much fun (and hard work...) I really need to start working out... lol x

Fashionistable said...

How cool. I could use a bit of this in my life right now. Xxxx

Claire said...

I used to be amazing at hula-hooping. I won the tournament we had at guides when I was fourteen, that was a proud moment! And I can still wiggle, I'm wii-hula-hoop champion at home. But i haven't done it with an actual hoop since puberty, when EVERYTHING CHANGED, so when I tried to prove to a five year old that I could, it just dropped to the floor and I looked a fool!

Wii "yoga" is awesome, and enormously helpful for archery actually. Other than that, I just ride my bike. I miss roller-skating something rotten, though.

Looks like a fun day! I'm glad you've kept up with some of it since, it feels good to be in charge of your body, doesn't it?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, this looks like such a blast, Sherin!

I do forty minutes of cardio three days a week, which includes training with both 5-pound weights and the balance ball. I always feel amazing after I work out! :)

Syrious said...

cute it looks so funny and that's like you can really keep fit yor body with that!
hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same

Syriously in Fashion

Haute World said...

My friend is a member of that Reebok club and loves it - she even met her ex there! I'm glad you had a great time and won the hula-hoop challenge! I do 1.5 hours cardio + weights, 4-5 times a week in the gym. I don't really do classes though, because I like doing my own thing. I'm one of those psychos who actually loves to exercise.

Tanvi said...

OMG I would have loved it!!!!

♡ from © tanvii.com

Harriet said...

Great photos of the day! I had a really fun time, though it hurt a lot the next day! Definitely going to try and do some more yoga!

Tasha said...

This sounds like such a fun event and different from most! I think it's so much easier to work out with friends rather then alone! It makes it more fun!

And I could never give up chocolate entirely either! A girl needs it!

Natasha said...

Ah wow, this workout looks really fun. I tend to (on a good week) work out 5 times a week and do a mixture of yoga, dance based exercises and some strength and cardio training because I'm trying to get fit and healthy for university but it's tough. My eating is terrible though, I need to improve on that front. And thanks for the comment, another blogger gave me some tips so the lovely tree should return to health soon. xxx

Kavery said...

This workout looks pretty intensive but fun if you have good company like you did.

la petite fashionista said...

this looks like such a fun project to work on! i'm all for alternative forms of fitness. i took a hula aerobics class and it was as much fun as it was fitness!

Lee Oliveira said...

I thought you were here doing Bootcamp.
and yes.. the ladies loves this exercises here
lee x

annie said...

Oh, this looks like such a fun event!

(I love kickboxing!) lol

Anonymous said...


Hannah said...

Looks like a fun but exhausting day!! I really want to try yoga out, think that have a class at my new job which'll be cool. Also want to give pilates a bash and take up swimming once a week again. The only work out I do on a regular basis is running and I try to go 3-4 times a week

Bow Dream Nation xx

Lizzy said...

This looks great, just the sort of thing you need to get a health kick started! I'm a pilates nut, it's perfect for the evening cos I can do all my stretching and ab crunches while watching telly :).

Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun, Sherin! And congrats on being an awesome hula-hooper. I definitely would have failed that contest! :P

Tala said...

good luck :) keep us informed on your progress xo

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