Saturday, 30 April 2011

Something a bit more traditional

Firstly how gorgeous did Kate look yesterday! She was seriously stunning. I was seriously glued to the TV all day. If you missed it, I'm sure tons of other bloggers will be blogging about her dress (which was McQueen). I was glued to the TV all day and even got teary at several points.

I don't know whether it's because I've recently gotten home from Pakistan, or that I've just been invited to my Indian neighbours wedding, but I'm in a bit of a traditional mood.
I still love my jeans and tee's and wear them like everyday, but sometimes it's nice to have a change, and to switch it up a bit.


I've recently discovered Sareez, which specialise in more traditional attire and have just fallen in love with all their glamorous sari's.


Basically a sari is a traditional South Asian outfit. It's a long piece of cloth that can be worn in many different ways. They also come in a wide range of different colours, patterns, styles and materials, and are usually wrapped around the body, in many different ways, with a made to measure cropped blouse underneath. It is a piece that, traditionally, has been around for thousands of years and always looks so elegant and beautiful.


 Some of the more dressy ones come with a lot of embellisments and embroidery, with a lot of different colours or in silk, and because it's one size fits all, you can really make it work for your body type. For example, pear shaped women can wear them by shifting focus to the upper body. They can wear bolder prints and wear darker shades.
Those with an apple shaped figue can wear a V shaped neck blouse instead of the traditional round neck.
Finally, slimmer women can get really heavy sari's, with tissue or organza, and can wear them very low at the waist.


I am by no means an expert, especially since I don't own one, but I'd love your opinions.

Would you ever wear one? Does anyone own one? If not...well, lets just say that at some point soon, there is an interesting collaboration going on between myself and Sareez. Be prepared!

Sherin xx


Milana said...

Those are some beautiful gowns! Love the colors... Pretty!

Rachel said...

So exciting, and they are all so beautiful!

I wonder if by the time I'm ready to get married it will stop being the thing everyone does to have a dress just like Kate's? :D

Leia said...

I can't believe you don't own a sari! Oh my gosh! I just love them, I would wear saris every day if they weren't so darn uncomfortable :)

Krissy ~ said...

Kate look absolutely stunning! her dress was just...immaculate!
these traditional dresses are so so so pretty!
Krissy xoxo

Sophie - Country girl said...

These are absolutely stunning. I love the mainly turquoise one, its beautiful. I bet they cost a bit!

Lee Oliveira said...

They are beautiful. I can only imagine how soft these fabrics are
lee x

Claire said...

I would absolutely wear one if it were appropriate. At uni I lived near a lot of sari shops and had plenty of time to dream up ideal outfits.

an interesting collaboration going on between myself and Sareez. - I'm intrigued!

daisychain said...

I remember going to visit my cousins in a small town in Birmingham and there being row upon row of sari shops...utterly beautiful.

annie said...

If only I had the occasion to wear one! I hardly knew what they were before...I remember reading a book about and Indian girl as a freshman in HS. and wishing that I could have a South Asian traditional wedding. It sounded beautiful and the ceremony sounded more celebratory than ones I had been to.

Seriously beautiful. I however, would feel funky being so white wearing one...but that is probably because I haven't seen anyone wear one in real life, esp. not a white girl. (But in Eat Pray Love Julia Roberts does...and looks divine.)

One of my life goals is to travel somewhere I can appropriately wear a sari. haha. :P

Tanvi said...

We need to get you a Saree Sherin!!! I have been eyeing so many Pakistani designers. Only if they had more online shops! :P

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Sunaina said...

Traditional clothing is so pretty. I own two sarees but hardly ever were them. Only on really special occasions!

Cinz said...

WOW! those are some pretty gorgeous and lovely sari's!!! I wore an orange/red suite once cuz it was my friend's sis's wedding! i loved how festive it was with the dancing and yummy food!!:D


Hazel said...

These are all so amazing, so beautiful.

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