Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Polaroid Sunglasses

So, every now and then, little peeks of sun have been popping up here and there, causing the need to occassional sunglasses wear.
My sunglasses collection is pretty dire, if I'm honest, and until recently, only consisted of a pair which I 'borrowed' from my dad. My aim for this summer was to get more sunglasses, which I can look cool in throughout the summer.

When Polaroid offered to send me a pair, I couldn't resist. I've always been drawn to large sunglasses and these were so perfect.

Thanks Susie for the Picture!

They're clearly very well made and the brownish tinge definitely protects my eyes from the sun. So many sunglasses these days have black glass on them, so it's nice to have a brown pair as it's something different.



The weather in London has become really beautiful again, so it's lovely to hang around in parks and relax, wearing beautiful sunglasses, and these Polaroid ones are perfect. They're really comfortable to wear and are so sturdy. These are definitely a pair that will last a long time.

I also met up with Susa, with Susie, yesterday. It's so much fun to meet other bloggers, and she was so lovely. Susie and I also bought matching Marc by Marc Jacob bracelets, hehe. That's what blogger bff's are there for!

Sherin xx


Milana said...

You look great in those sunglasses, Sherin! Not everyone can pull them off!

Xx Milana

Susie said...

I love those sunglasses on you, Sherin! They look so cute! I am totally going to steal them when we go gigging during festival season--haha! Yay for our matching MJ by MJ bracelets!

Rachel said...

Wow - they are HUGE! But they look great on you! x

Rachel said...

Wow - they are HUGE! But they look great on you! x

Tootsie Jean said...

They're perfect on your face. I love it so much


ellieand said...

Oh Sherin they look so lovely! I'm addicted to primark ones atm...i should probs just invest in a proper pair x

Pierrot le Fou said...

awesome, you look v hollywood :D

Michaela said...

Love the sunglasses! I should really invest in a proper pair too!

Monique said...

You look gorgeous in those sunglasses!

Monique xx


Amy CT said...

I love the Polaroids that I won in your giveaway last summer - they're such good protection for your eyes in ridiculous sunshine, which was perfect for a mountain holiday last year... or emigrating this year! ;)

I'm still a bit annoyed that mine have a tiny scratch on from a fall in the Swiss alps, though!

Yours look gorgeous - they suit you so much more than mine ever will!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh I am in love with these sunnies - I want! You look incredible, Sherin! :)

Diego R. Wyatt said...

I have never seen Polaroid sunglasses before. I am digging them on you though! I used to collect Ray-Ban wayfarers like they were going out of style and to this day they are the only shades I will rock. Hopefully if Spring ever comes to NYC (and stays) I will dust off my classic black on black wayfarers for another go round.


Cee said...

Fabulous! I love giant sunglasses, they always remind me of old Hollywood starlets, and this pair is dramatic beyond compare. Plus they look gorgeous on you :)

Lulu said...

They look super cute on you! The color is perfect!
I wish we were getting better weather here in Chicago. We had snow yesterday!!!

Thanks for sharing!

ana said...

Oh! i want those sunglasses!!! I love big sunglasses! they are so classy! and you look like a magazine model in the first picture! with your camera and the bag from shopping!!!

Tanvi said...

They look great on you!!! :)

♡ from © tanvii.com

annie said...

Awesome! How exciting to get some new shades! You look adorable!

Glad you had fun meeting up with your friends!

Hannah said...

those sunnies are insane but amazing, i love massive sunnies too, the bigger the BETTER!!!!

Bow Dream Nation xx

Elaine said...

love the sunnies!

Clare said...

I loove your shades!!

cryskay said...

love the sunnies! xx

Allison said...

You are so gorgeous, my friend! You pull these sunglasses off so beautifully - they're oversized without making you look like a bug, which is my biggest fear with these types of sunglasses!
Seriously, you look stunning, and I'm glad the weather is cooperating for sunglasses wearing :)
Hope you're doing well, dear friend! Wish we could have a blogger meet up - maybe SOMETIME in the future? :)

Sami said...

LOVE the sunglasses!x

Tasha said...

These sunglasses are amazing Sherin! I've always loved the larger framed ones, and you look fabulous wearing them!

Kate Atkins said...

ahhh bug glasses are back! or did they never leave?

Sunaina said...

love your hair! and loveee big sunnies!

Kimberlee said...

haha love it! I love oversized sunnies :)

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