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Guest Post: When Music & Fashion collide

Now for a guest post by one of my favourite bloggers, Tasha. She's definitley one of the nicest people in the blogisphere and has so really great posts.

Hello girls!  First, I just want to thank Sherin for letting me guest post on HiFashion.  HiFashion is one of my all time favorite blogs, so I'm super excited!  I thought since Sherin has such a passion for music and loves fashion as well, it would make sense to do a post on how music and fashion collide!  There are certainly a lot of singers who have dabbled in the world of fashion.  Some don't quite last, while others blossom.  I thought we'd take a look at the ones who've been successful in both.  

MADONNA: Madonna has always made a statement with her clothing throughout the years, some good, some bad, and usually never too innocent.  She has come out with a clothing line, ironically called Material Girl, with whom her daughter Lola, aides with in design.  Kelly Osborne has taken over for Taylor Momsen as the brand's latest Material Girl.  


Go to your local Macy's to shop the collection or click here for more info.  

GWEN STEFANI: L.A.M.B., which stands for Love Angel Music Baby (I had no idea), offers clothing, handbags, shoes, and fragrances, all of which are based off of Gwen's personal style.  Her Harajuku fragrance line, which started in 2005, is so fun and definitely stands out in the perfume aisle! 

Her line, started eight years ago, and doesn't seem to be coming to an end anytime soon.  Click here for more.

VICTORIA BECKHAM: Famously known as Posh Spice from The Spice Girls, this one time singer has made a lasting impression in the fashion industry.  We've seen her sense of style evolve throughout the years.  Her style in the most recent years has taken on a sense of refinement and there's no doubt she's a fashion icon. 


What fashion blogger wouldn't love to get her hands on her clothing line. Stars definitely do.  Many of which have recently worn Victoria Beckham's clothing line on the red carpet including Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Trudie Styler and Elle Macpherson.
For more information go to 

MILEY CYRUS: Whether you like Miley or not, you have to admit her clothing line, with which she partnered up with Max Azria for, has certainly been thriving at Walmart.  In fact, it's given Walmart's junior's clothing department a well needed boost.  

With everything in the line, basically $20 and under, young girls, and even girls my age, can be fashionable for less!  Which is always a plus right?  When I first heard about the line coming out, I was a bit apprehensive, but honestly a lot of the pieces are such great bargains and are quite cute. I found a great pair of fake leather leggings there for about $8!! Take a look at how I styled them: 


Check out Walmart for more.

JESSICA SIMPSON: First started out in the singing industry but has since moved her efforts onto designing, with the Jessica Simpson Collection. 

It is probably more famous these days for the shoes and boots as well as her handbags, but also offers jeans, coats, eyewear, dresses, swimwear, fragrance and more.  It doesn't seem like there's an end in sight with everything this girl has covered.  Check out her collection here. 

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE:  (co-founded by Trace Ayala) The Brand William Rast actually started back in 2005, primarily with jeans and has since expanded into a complete collection.  Model Erin Wasson helped out with the campaign ads as well.  This clothing brand has done very well for itself and has been a part of fashion week as well, debuting in the fall of 2008.  On the William Rast's website, they say this about their women's line:  “In general, the women's wear collection walks a thin line between accessible tomboy and sensual girly.”
Look how great these shots are: 


Buy here.

Other singers who have clothing lines:  Beyonce (The House of Dereon, and Dereon), Bono (Edun-made out of all organic materials), P Diddy (Sean John Clothing), Jay Z (Roca Wear), and Britney Spears (collaborated with Candies for Kohl's).
What singer's clothing lines do you admire?  Are there other lines out there, not mentioned here, that you love even more?  What do you think about people in the music industry trying to work in the fashion industry as well?

Thanks Tasha for this!! Definitely really interesting.



Diego R. Wyatt said...

Great post!!! Music, film and fashion are my favorite things and I love observing how they intersect. I am still not sold on Madonna's line, but I do love what JT and Ayala have doneover at William Rast. I also dig L.A.M.B.


Cee said...

Great post... It never ceases to amaze me how some music artists really have a true talent for design. L.A.M.B. in particular is such a fabulous line, Gwen Stefani is incredibly creative!

Dina's Days said...

I blogged about something similar to this in the past except mine was more about celebs in general. Honestly, I'm a little tired of celebrity designer lines. Most of the time, not all of them, but most of the time they fail miserably in my book and I'm sure it frustrates the heck out of small, emerging, local designers bursting with talent who can't afford to get started or can't find someone to invest in them. There are a few that have done wonders I think, and one of them is Jessica Simpson. Her line is fresh, current, and most of all excellent quality. Beyonce on the other hand....

Rachel said...

I absolutely adore Tasha and her blog! She's such a sweetheart! And this is a great guest post!

Victoria Beckham always looks fantastic! Her and the rest of the Spice Girls seriously need to reunite for a World Tour or something. That would be awesome.

I actually haven't seen much of the Miley & Max collection, but the faux leather leggings look great!

Sophie - Country girl said...

Victoria Beckham is style royalty.

Elaine said...

This was a great post! I didn't realize how many singers had their own clothing brand until you bundled it up in this post!

Margaux. said...

Awesome post, there are a lot more singers turned designers than you'd think!

Dressing Up For Me said...

They say Jessica´s shoes are really nice and wow, I didn´t know that Miley´s designing now!

cryskay said...

great post! i love gwen's & victoria's the best. jessica simpson has some cute pieces as well. xx

Cinz said...

Juicy post, i like it! Madonna has gone a long way, and i think she has done some amazin stuff!!!

OH yah, come on Harajuku girls!!! although they don't all smell nice, the doll bottles are defo looking gorge! My sis got me the Music and Baby Harajuku Lovers last yr for X'mas:D

and yah, i didnt know Miley was designin either.


Imogen said...

Interesting. I actually just watched a documentary on Madonna's fashion.

Cindy Whitehead said...

fun post - interesting to se al, these people and what they are doing fashion wise!

Angelica Ng said...

Nice post you have here! I think Gwen is really making it big, and Beckham is proving herself quite popular! Miley and Jessica, sure. But still, in the end, I'm not a huge fan of celeb labels. Nothing beats the talented designers that dedicate their life to fashion.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Great guest post, Its very interesting and informative!

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annie said...

Tasha! You did a wonderful job on this post! I loved reading it! I bet Sherin liked it too. :)

website builder said...

I liked the Miley, and Jessica's post.. They look attractive and very seductive post.. Miley Cyrus with a black shirt and short she really looks charming..

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