Friday, 8 April 2011

Guest Post: Does anyone want to go swimming?

No, I didn’t think so and for three very good reasons.

1) Its too cold
2) we’ve had enough rain
3) And finally, would it mean we’d have to wear these ridiculous flower caps?

In the 1960’s it was the height of swimwear fashion to be seen with the brightest coloured swimming cap. This is great, but we aren’t in the 1960’s or worried that when we walk the streets we might suddenly want to chase a duck into the nearest canal.


Apparently this is ASOS’ answer to the market, with their own version, the ‘premium flower hat’.
I would not spend a fiver on this even for a fancy dress evening out.
Not even mentioning hat hair and the weirdly shaped head. With this hat her head looks like poofy bush.

So again, listen to my plea, just because the trend setters decide that certain items are fashionable, think about it before buying.

Kayleigh Thomas, BSc MLitt
Writer, Creator and Ranter

I think we should wear this instead!


Kayleigh Thomas, BSc MLitt
Writer, Creator and Ranter

Hehe, loved it. That was written by Susie's hilarious housemate. Hope we'll be hearing more from her! This is my last scheduled post, so normal blogging should resume from Monday.



* Reena Rai * said...

Ha....that hat is ridiculous!!

Haute World said...

Yeah, I'm not really a hat person because of the hat hair problem. That last pic is hilarious! And thankfully it is warm enough to go swimming in London at the moment!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love hats, but I never wear them. I just can't deal with the whole "hat hair" issue. :P

Tanvi said...

Err!! Definitely not for me! :)

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janettaylor said...

Ehhem! Not for me! :D Last pick is fun! :D

Rachel said...

Hahaha! Definitely not something I'll be wearing! Like Cafe Fashionista said, hat hair!!

Cinz said...

oh gawd! i would never wear that, plus i don't know how to swim! lol

Can't wait to have you back on Monday!!! But i'm sure you enjoyred your holiday just as much right?:)

p.s. thx for the info about Amika and i'm still thinkin abt it,lol


Lulu said...

I agree! A few seasons ago, remember the glove on a headband? I actually saw it in a few stores...crazy!
Runways are meant to be a bit outrageous...not everything is supposed to be worn...

Great post! Love the viking hat! Haha!

ANN said...

Hahaha I love this post!

annie said...

hehe. Funny post!

Stephanie said...

Such a great take on crazy fashion trends. Love the last picture!

Eternally yours,

PinkBow said...

haha, i saw these...and actually i like them! sorry ;-)

Susu Paris Chic said...

Hopefully your vacation pumped you up with glamorous energy! I can't wait to see you... you are 'The London fashionista' to me!

Lee Oliveira said...

Ha Not sure how well one could swim with that hat.



MosaMuse said...

love the purple flowers

Sunaina said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Nice post, I agree with her on 'think before buy'. I love to write about fashion trends but I certainly don't follow them all. I think this hat is kinda cute though:p

Angelica Ng said...

Haha, hilarious post! Those flower caps are actually so cool! Oh and, er, yeah, I love the one with the horns!

Luke said...

Haha, I really love the hat on second picture! really cool one!

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