Monday, 4 April 2011

Guest Post: 4 Trends I Won’t Be Wearing 4 aspril

My guest post today is from another good blogger friend of mine: Kimberlee. She's got a great blog and a fantastic sense of humour.

I was so honored to have the fabulous Sherin ask me to write a guest post for her. She is such a sweetheart and has been a great supporter of my blog. Spring has just arrived and we are excited to wear the new trends. I thought it would be fun to do the opposite and talk about trends I’m not too excited about. And they are:


-          Flatforms (pic link above) I love me a platform wedge but a flat platform?! Has anyone seen someone walk gracefully in them? I haven’t! I don’t think they are very attractive. 


-          Cropped tops- I was not happy to see this trend appear.  I don’t plan on showing my midriff…. Ever! Yes, some say you can layer it but I’d rather do that with my covered up boyfriend cardigan.


-          Bra top- I know I’m starting to sound like a prude but I’m not a fan of the lingerie trend. I wasn’t a fan of showing off your bra strap so I say no to a fully exposed bra. Some trends don’t work off the runway.


-          Tea length skirts- I don’t think this length is flattering for most women. Also, being petite I doubt I’d ever find one at the right length. I do like the fuller effect but maybe closer to the knee.

Hope you enjoyed the post! What trends don’t you plan on wearing?

Thanks Kimberlee!! I'm nearly back from my holiday, yay!



Kristin said...

I can't get behind flatforms either!

Milana said...

I love the flatforms, but haven't been able to find a pair I wanna buy yet. Milana

Anonymous said...

I agree with you with what you said about the Tea length skirts... I'm certainly not planning to wear them! ty for the fun guest post! Loved it!

Tanvi said...

I wouldn't wear the first 3 but the skirts are calling out to me .. I think I can manage wearing them *hehe*

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Kimberlee said...

Thanks Sherin! Glad you ladies agree with me for the most part :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Completely agree with you on bra tops. x hivennn

Krissy ~ said...

oh gosh, i agree on the flatforms! what sort of invention are they! they look... indescribably strange and horrible aha!
Krissy xoxo

Liya said...

oh my i just go a skirt like that somewhere in my wardrobe i bought 2 days back and wore a crop top today lol!the flatforms looks fine to me tho some are really cute but im nt sure if i could walk balancedly other then wedges cos u are like floating! this is an awesome guest post!

Jess said...

great post!

I whole heartedly agree on all of them.

: ) xx

Samantha said...

Yeah, I wont be in any of those either. Especially the bra top.

Harriet said...

I really dislike Flatforms. Can't believe they were all over Cjhanel as well, I thought better of Karl!

I am quite short (5'2") and I thought I'd never wear the midi either but I was suprised to find a couple of midi dresses which actually I think really work on me, despite being short. They key is definitely to wear them with heels, and look for stuff that falls just below the knee.

I strongly suspect my midis are actually supposed to be kneelength on most people, but I dont care!

Susie said...

Flatforms! Really!? I definitely won't be rocking them either. Can't wait until you're back, Sherin. It's been aaaages!

Hazel said...

I agree with all of your choices here. I do like the tea length skirt but at 5'4 I can't carry it off...
I may sound like my Mother here (heaven forbid!) but I feel tummies and bras should be kept covered. I'll say no more.
And flatforms? Why not just strap a brick to your foot...
Great post - a refreshing look at the trends.

Cee said...

I am absolutely with you on all of these, particularly the cropped tops (I don't even like bikinis! The idea of showing my midriff somewhere other than the beach is horrifying to me.) But I have to admit, I do love tea length skirts. I'm petite myself - 5'2" - but I've found them surprisingly flattering and a nice alternative to minis. But I've always been a retro girl at heart :)

Ioana Liliana said...

Well, I do love cropped tops, but I will have to agree with the rest :)


Kimberlee said...

@Jazzy- Thanks!

@Krissy- haha they are an awful invention!

@Liya- Some of us can rock them, some of us can't.

@Jess- Thank you :)

@Samantha- Glad you agree!

@Harriet- haha Karl also sent clogs down the runway :/ Well if you can rock it then go for it!

@Susie- They are like clogs to me! Ugh

@Hazel- haha love your analogy! Thank you :)

@Cee- Yes they are better than a mico mini, would love to see a retro one on you!

@Ioana- Some of us can pull them off :)

Glad you ladies like the post! Thanks again Sherin :)

Kavery said...

Few people can carry off crop tops. On a stage as part of a show is OK I think but otherwise- avoid!

Elaine said...

Ummmm... I agree with ALL of your comments! I'd be more inclined to try the tea length skirt but like you I'm a shorty too so probably not.

xNTA said...

I *totally* agree on ALL of these.
The midriff thing? why? WHY??? No thank you.

And a bra top? Seriously? Only on the beach thanks.

Flatforms. They just look awkward to me and sort of defeats the purpose non?

Have a great one! x

claire (jazzpad.) said...

I definitely agree on all of these... bar the crop tops! I do NOT have a toned belly to speak of so no mid-drift baring for me, but you're right, layering can look great. ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

Anonymous said...

Yeah I completely agree, won't be trying those trends. Although the full length skirts you've posted are pretty, I'm petite too so I'd be swamped with material!

Great guest post

Bhav x

annie said...

Loved the post!

I think I might like to try the full length skirt though! 5 years ago I would never.

ana said...

I agree!!! those long skirts are so fashion right now but small girls like me don't look very good with them!

rebecca said...

I'm with you on all of them! Though for the last one, I think they are just too darling to pass up even though I am a shorty. I throw on huge heels and I'm good to go.


daisymay aka Chantele said...

I totally agree! None of these looks are good on the majority of people.

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