Monday, 18 April 2011

Eskimo PR Press Day (Photo Heavy)

So, last week was press day central. There were a couple of press days everyday and everything was so pretty, but I promise this will be my last press day post for a while.
Eskimo PR's press day was probably one of my favourites. I was met lovingly and was treated to so many pretty things!

First up I got to check out one of my favourite brands: Mina. Mina do some of the most incredible feminine clothes. I have the AW catalogue in my hand and it is full of some really gorgeous and dreamy images.The AW collection was filled with a lot of soft prints and earthy tones. I loved all the lace and velvet, and also the slight gothic feel to some of the collection.


A personal favourite brand, Police, was next. I know my dad is a huge fan of both their eyewear and their watches, so naturally, I've always known what a great brand they are. They've unveiled a really cool new campaign to go with their great collection as well. The new 'Be Younique' Campaign will reward customers with amazing, 'younique' holiday experiences, as well as GQ magazine subscriptions.
Basically, anyone buying a Police watch over the next 12 months will be given a membership card and a code to use online, and will be given the chance to win one of 12 adrenaline fuelled trips, including flying a fighter jet and scuba diving. Considering Police watches are fabulous quality and more than affordable, I think it's worth it.


WedgeWelly were a pretty cool range and they'd also been on Dragons Den! Basically, they do really glam wellies, that have wedges on them. I think I've mentioned that I'm at Reading, and the perfect wellies are on my list for the festival. Stylish Wellies are really important for fashionista's who want to be practical, so this is a perfect idea. The Wellies came in different styles and colours and all looked great.

Ted Baker shoes were really incredible as well. The AW collection is full of a lot of gorgeous heels, with a lot of sparkles. Perfect for Christmas (I am aware that Christmas is a long way away). The women's collection is very glamorous, with a lot of satin and animal print, with very high heels.


Kickers have recently been on my radar and I've noticed that the last few seasons have been very fashion foward. Looking through the lookbook, more than one shoes has made me gasp from love. The boots and shoes are very classic and have a great youthful vibe to them. The AW range contains a lot of suede, shearling and leather, with some pretty cool booties and hi-tops.


Priceless are a shoe brand that I've definitely mentioned before. Not only do they do pretty gorgeous shoes, at affordable prices, and they are great quality. I have tons of shoes from there and never had any problems with any of them. The AW collection is very impressive and, again, there are a lot fo sky high heels and sparkles.There are chunky heels as well as lovely winter boots and fur lined boots as well.


Tresor Paris is a jewellery collection that I didn't really know about. They have a huge celebrity following and I loved how sparkly everything was. The jewellery actually has a lot of health benefits and the various stones used can be really helpful to you. For examples, the magnetite bracelet helps the body recover as well as heeling muscle cramps.


Adele Jane is a jewellery designer that has made a collection with Zanola Rhodes and the jewellery was aboslutey fanastic and so unique.I loved all the silver and there were so many statement pieces.



Finally I checked out Australia Luxe Collective, who specialise in luxury sheepskin footwear and accessories (the bags are beyond amazing). They've taken the standard sheepskin boot and added embellishmets, studs and fur trims to make it into something unique.


What's your favourite out of all of these?
For more pictures on all the collections, check out my Facebook Page.

Sherin xx


Sophie - Country girl said...

Really surprised by the Kickers collection, it looks great. And the Australia Luxe Collective looks stunning!

Rachel said...

I love Mina half to death, and Ted Baker do make great shoes!

I really must check out Australia Luxe Collective!

Marella said...


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I am loving the pieces from Mina - so feminine and fabulous! :)

Clare said...

Oh my word these pieces are divine!

FashionJazz said...

Wow loving everything! Happy Monday xx

Tanvi said...

I only saw the Shoes Shoes and more Shoes ;)

♡ from ©

Style Eyes said...

Love the beige dress by Minna. The Adele Jane jewellery is beautiful too.

janettaylor said...

I love those pumps!


Cee said...

I absolutely adore Ted Baker, he's my favourite British designer by far! I loved getting this sneak peek at his shoe collection, thanks for sharing :)

Milana said...

Loving those wedge wellies!!

Xx Milana

the nyanzi report said...


oomph. said...

some great jewelry here! and i love the australian luxe pieces!

greenmochi said...

that black and white laced dress is wooowzers. and that embellished shoulder top is unique and cute.

and those priceless shoes are hot xD.



danniekate said...

is it bad that i'm craving those wellies for the festival shoot thingy? xx

Susie said...

I am obsessed with those wellies!

Kavery said...

Ted Baker shoes are wonderful and the Police line too

Anonymous said...

I like the Australian luxe pieces! How do you get to attend press events?

ana said...

The silver necklace is amazing! everything is very pretty!!

annie said...

This is bad. It is making me want new shoes.

Tasha said...

OH my gosh, that second dress from Mina, is so gorgeous! I fell in love with it instantly!

Gemma Caine said...

Do you answer questions ever?

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