Sunday, 24 April 2011

Becoming Luscioulsy Light

The start of summer usually means one thing for me: getting back into shape and becoming more fit (especially this year, where I spent the winter months wrapped in a blanket, in front of the TV)! Usually, I fail pretty badly, but this year, I have help from the lovely girls at Aussie.
To tie in with the release of their new lightweight conditioner, Aussie want to help us Angels become lusciously light (in a healthy way, of course) and lighten up our lives. I'm going for a lighter self, so will be de-cluttering and de-stressing my life.

Their aim is to make us healthy and I'm taking part in this as much as I can. I sorta turned into a hermit this winter, so my room is a mess, and I might have eaten one too many Kit Kats (but they're sooooo good).
To start with, I thought a clean up of my closet was a must. I've just been throwing things in and everything just fell out last week; you might have seen the panicked twitpic I sent. If not: here it is:


I decided that cleaning my closet was a good way to declutter and lighten up my life. Lots went to charity and my closet actually closes now (hurray).

Next step is to get more in shape. This is where it gets hard for me. I'm really lazy these days: think Homer Simpson, but without a job, lol.
To help out, Aussie sent us a team shirt, so that we can look the part while we get into shape.



Aussie have also been sending us motivational videos, to keep us on track. They uploaded the first one, which is full of cool and easy excercises to do at home.

Aussie's Lusciously Light Videos: Part 1 from 1000heads on Vimeo.

My next step is to eat healthier. We grow strawberries, plums and cherries in our garden during the summer, so I'm waiting for those to come through, so I can start eating. And it's nearly Mango season, so I'm happy to finally get to eat them again (Mangos and strawberries are my favourite fruits). Expect a few twitpics of colourful fruit salads, which I'll be snacking on.

How are you all getting into shape for the summer? Share your tips and I'll keep you updated on how I'm getting along.

Sherin xx


Sophie - Country girl said...

I try to eat more in the way of salad during the summer, but its a bit of a token effort. I should have started getting into shape about February but didn't and now its almost May, oops.

Susie said...

Aw! I am not the hugest fan of that Aussie shirt in general, but you make it work! I'm staying healthy by eating lots of whole grain, fruits and veggies, and nixing the refined sugars. Trying to walk a lot too, window shopping is good for that-haha! See you tomorrow!

Ani. said...

I've been eating rice for three weeks - rice pudding made with water, rice with veggies, rice as a salad... and drinking loads and loads of water!

Harriet said...

mmmm strawberries and mangos are the best! Definitely looknig forward to fruit salad this summer - so delicious!

ellieand said...

I might have to try out this fruit salad idea too - i snack on biscuits waaay too much! good luck with the challenge, i'm looking forward to it too! x

Monique said...

Love cleaning out my wardrobe!


Monique xx

beingdena said...

well done! i've done the wardrobe. trying to drink more water and avoid sugar. As if thats possible? :(

Dena x

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love these Aussie posts you do - they are always such a fabulous motivator! :)

Imogen said...

This is great what you are doing, I usually feel the same way at the beginning of summer with so much motivation. I also think your hair looks really fabulous here. Happy Easter.

Chelsea Lane said...

definitely must begin to work on my swimsuit body! hehe ;) great pics, you look adorable!


Tanvi said...

HOWWW COOL! I kinda have been losing my motivation to stay on track ... need to find something exciting ... and few more hours in the day to stay healthy! :(

♡ from ©

Cindy Whitehead said...

Good for you - healthy is always "in"! I know the feeling - winter makes it too easy for me to eat what I want (-: I also need to clean my closet... *sigh*

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i def. need to work out more and eat healthier! thanks for the inspiration! =)

Tristana said...

Very nice... ha-ha :)

Kristin said...

I've been a get in shape mission for summer too!

annie said...


annie said...

haha, lung capacity of a horse, or a unicorn. They are prettier. hahahaha

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