Saturday, 12 March 2011

Thomas Tantrum

You might remember that I recently, briefly, wrote about a band called Thomas Tantrum. They're a really cool band from Southampton and sound great.
On Thursday, I grabbed Milana from FashionStyleAdvice and we decided to head over to the free gig they were having in Islington.
They were doing a free gig at The Old Queens Head bar, which is an amazing little venue.  It's a pub downstairs, but a small music venue upstairs, and has the greatest atmosphere ever!

First artist up was someone called DNC (I wish I could remember what tht was short for). They are a band, but only the lead singer was up there and she was amazing. I know she'd been called up last minute, but she was amazing nonetheless. And she looked AMAZING!

Thomas Tantrum came on at 9.30, and really rocked the place. I have the single 'Sleep' (expect a review soon) and it's a great track. Megan's voice was absolutely brilliant live and the band are definitely really talented.


It was really fun seeing them live and they had great energy when they were on stage. I didn't know the songs so well, but they were definitely catchy. I've had them on Spotify non-stop since the gig (Work It is becoming a fast favourite of mine).
Megan also has a really cool style. She was wearing this really cool feather thing around her neck: it looked incredible.
The whole band has a great image and a great sound. The songs are upbeat and fun to listen to.


I definitely think you should check out Thomas Tantrum! They're really good and are out and about at a few festivals this summer.

Sherin xx

P.S. If the drummer from Thomas Tantrum is single, please get in touch with Milana, hehe. 

P.P.S. I wore another amazing slouchy sale top from Republic. I love it! I also properly curled my hair with curlers. I know my hair is naturally curly, but it was nice having tamed curls. What do you think?



Milana said...

Hahaha Sherin! You opening a dating service? ;) It was a great gig - thanks for taking me with you :)

ellieand said...

Wow - a free gig is never a bad thing! Sounds like they were definitely worth seeing, i'll be giving them a listen soon! x

Harriet said...

Wow, they look awesome, definitely going to add them to my spotify list! I'm thinking you should put together a playlist of awesome music and share it with us!

(I'm not sure if you've done one before, if so I missed it/have forgotten!?)

Sophie said...

sounds like a great night! Your hair looks AWESOME and i like your top too :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous top and curls!


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I saw Thomas Tantrum 2/3 years ago when they supported the futureheads and they were really bad. Me and my BF still joke about "that support act that made us cry"..

Having said that, they might be better now

Bhav x

Jennifer Fabulous said...

You always introduce me to the coolest music! :)

And your hair is beautiful in that photo. xoxo

Stephanie said...

Bands are best heard live I always say :)

Eternally yours,

Filipa said...

I think slouchy jumpers are definitely a trend and there needs to be a trendspotting post done on them :) (so don't be surprised if you see your pic on feathers.. if that's ok of course! :P ) and i think that i pretty much love your band reviews because I then can boast about knowing some really cool undercover band and everyone thinks i'm so awesome, teehee suckers! :P

Lee Oliveira said...

AH Sherin, your curls are always your perfect signature...
Love it..
Looks like a fab night
Lee x

ABIGAIL NY said...

Would love to watch an open mic for upcoming artists ... looks like a great night!

Tanvi said...

Love your hair Sherin! The curls ate looking amazing :)

from ©

janettaylor said...

Lovely sweater!

Ari van den Berg said...

you definitely know how to have a great time. and your curls are always awesome!

Angelica Ng said...

Oh cool, they look pretty good! And that top is so nice! Your hair looks cute too!

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

sounds like an awesome gig and love your jumper! x

wedding said...

Well deserved! I really enjoy your blog and am impressed by your finds. Keep it up!
Sweet memories.
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Making life more beautiful said...

Haha re:dating :) Loving your hair and the top looks gorgeous btw hun! The gig sounds fab! Hope you had an awesome weekend :) ƸӜƷ Deb ƸӜƷ xxx

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