Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Some casualness

I haven't done outfit shots in a while because, well, I haven't been doing anything too interesting lately. My dad is in town this week though, so  we've been doing some stuff that gets me out the house.

I've practically been living in this outfit these last few days. London is freezing again right now, so it's all about bundling up and staying warm. I actually wore this outft 3 days runing (shhhh).


I'm wearing Zara jeans, Deichmann shoes, F&F Clothing at Tesco tee (love the horse on the front), HandM Cardi and Aldo hat.


I wore the 2nd outfit while shopping at Westfield (my happy place). I got some cool new things and Republic were having an amazing sale! I was a bit disappointed with River Island though. I've seen this bag that I love but both branches I've been to only has really tatty and dirty ones, and everytime I ask if there is a clean one, I get a rude 'no'.


I'm wearing Converses (you can't see them properly, but they are an awful state right now), Hollister jeans, New Look tank and HandM plaid shirt. So a very casual look!


Hope everyone's having a good Tuesday? What are you all upto? I'm off to Reading for the day to see Susie.

What do you wear on a casual day?

Sherin xx


Joanne Faith said...

Sorry to hear the weather is chilling down for a bit, I'm sure it will perk up soon. Spring is on the way I hear!

The beanie is a really cute touch!

ellieand said...

Ah you look lovely Sherin, i'm never going to get over my hair envy of you!

I'm living in casual stuff atm, and if it's not casual clothes then it's pyjamas - oh the joys of student deadlines :P x

Sophie said...

Two lovely looks Sherin. Have a fun day x

SabinePsynopsis said...

You're totally entitled to these outfits because they both look gorgeous on you. And isn't it nice to have some sun today? (Even though it's still cold.)

Lee Oliveira said...

Love the look Sherin, but your hair is sooo pretty
Lee x

Hannah said...

the horse tshirt is one of my favourites, Love it!!! London is so cold so hard hard not to keep wearing big jumpers and the same coat all the time. I hope it starts to get warmer

Bow Dream Nation xx

michelle_ said...

i love the plaid shirt !
i think plaid never goes out of fashion !

thanks for stopping by at my blog !
glisters and blisters

Cafe Fashionista said...

J'adore your cardi and plaid shirt. I tend to wear bomber jackets, skinny jeans, and boots on casual days! :)

Tanvi said...

I remember reading about your trip to Westfield on Twitter ;) Casual really does means Jeans and a Tee for everyone doesn't it?!!! Have fun in Reading.

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Rania Kelesidou said...

Lovely casual outfit,like how you've styled it!

Kristin said...

You look so stinkin' cute in that hat!

daisychain said...

I have major jeans envy.

ana said...

Oh Sherin you look really nice also in casual outfits! I wear the exact same things as you, T-shirts, jeans and CONVERSE they are my ultimate casual look! I can wear them all the time! but right now in Guadalajara we are having really hot days so I'm wearing my denim skirt!

Chelsea Lane said...

so cute! love the casual second outfit with the fun plaid :) your beanie is really cute too!


♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Cute outfits :).

Sadie x


Harriet said...

I love that cute hat on you! It is so flippin cold right now it's ridiculous, but at least we've had a few days of sun to go with it!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Love both your outfits! I especially adore the hat in the first. ;) Have fun with your dad! xoxo

Couture Carrie said...

Cute casual looks!
Love your hat!


Cee said...

I love your horse tee, the graphic is adorable! And I can completely sympathise with your River Island dilemna; I've only been to their shops a few times, but I always find that the clothing could be lovely if only it was taken care of while it's in the store... But God forbid you ask the staff a question. I've had my head bitten off more than once :P Fingers crossed you find a tidier version of the bag you love!
PS: Have fun with Susie!

Anonymous said...

I had work boo.

Have fun in Reading!

Bhav x

Tasha said...

I love that Aldo hat Sherin! You look great in both outfits!

And that's fun to have your dad in town!

Kavery said...

The hat is a great touch. Have a fun day with Susie. Loved reading the post on Murad too-their products do work!

Maria said...

Your hair is amazing, I love it with your hat! I need to learn the art of casual dressing, you always look so nice :)

Maria xxx

Filipa said...

OH! WHen i saw the pictures I rushed to comment and then I was like 'no go back and read it' haha. basically i was eccstatic and wanted to say 'BOOOOTS!!' AND THEN 'CONVERSE!!!' you look SO good sherin! Seriously, not even kidding or anything :) They are so much better than heels!! (well that's not true completely, they are the same awesomeness level :) But you look so good! Hat + Fringe = cuteness!

ANN said...

I love your horse tee and plaid shirt!

I'm hosting a Shopbop giveaway on my blog by the way if you're interested :)

Superciliousss said...

Your outfits are so cute & fly..
Love the bennie on yu !!


love the cute beanie!

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