Friday, 25 February 2011

Makeover Session

Thought I'd give a little break from all my Fashion Week posts and fit this little one in.

Last summer, while out and about, I was approached about a competition that a new studio was running. All I had to do was fill in details and I could win a whole makeover session, where you get your hair/make up done, and then have a photoshoot at Citi Studio, located in Liverpool Street, and I was lucky enough to win. After months and months of putting it off because of various commitments and priorities, I finally found the perfect day for my appointment and booked it for earlier this month.

I was allowed a free guest as well, so decided to take my mum because, let's face it, mums deserve to be pampered.
We got there at 11am and were greeted really well. To start off, we had our make up done. Mine was done by the very attractive make up artist. He did such a good job and really listed to what I wanted. A lot of times, when I get my make up done, I feel like the artist just piles it on, but he was absolutely fantastic to work with.

Next, I went to get my hair done. I wanted something different, so asked for lots of volume and lots of curls, and again, the hairdresser was great and acheived exactly what I wanted.

After we both looked great, we went to get some photos done. We were asked to bring a few changes of clothes, just so we could have lots of different pictures. The photographer was really amazing and we had a lot of fun posing and pouting for shots, both individual ones, and ones of us together. I'll be honest, I did feel a bit silly doing some of the poses, but it was all in good fun!

(my mum and I in a rare mother/daughter photo)

We had a few minutes to relax before we could see our pictures and arrange to buy them. Now, I wasn't a fan of this bit at all!! There were over 100 photos and the prices were ridiculous. They started at £80 a photo. That's right...1 photo!! I believe my mum and I both went pale at the same time and looked at each other, speechless. We had a look at all the pictures and they were all so pretty and well taken. After a lot of errming and hmmming, we did negotiate on the price a lot! I think they start high on purpose, and you can negotiate down. They still weren't justifiable prices, but at least it was a tad more affordable, so we could buy the few we really liked.

We settled on three pictures. The one above, and the two below. I had fun with the two below because the photographer put a fan under me, so that my hair and clothes were all was like channeling my inner Marylin Monroe.


Despite the pricing, it was a fun day and it's always nice to be pampered. I'd recommend the day to everyone, because we all deserve a fun makeover and it's a great way to spend a few hours. While checking out the website, I saw that you could win sessions, so give that a go if you want (you do have to pay for pictures though).
However, I feel that I should warn you: they do take you into a small room, when showing the pictures and you really do have to be good at negotiating to get the prices down, of have enough of a backbone to say no to buying any pictures.

Let me know if anyone's ever done this before!

Sherin xx


Leia said...

These photos are AMAZING Sherin!

Ani @ Live Life Deeply said...

The photos are indeed amazing but 80 quid per shot is a lot! Then again, it's London... I once gifted my best friend with a photo shooting and one photo was about a tenner. I gave her some extra money as well, so she could pick out her favourites and the entire shooting plus photos came up to about 80 pound/ 100 Euro!

Anyway, again - you look lovely in them!

Maria said...

You look lovely! I really love how they have done your hair and the picture with your mum is lovely :D

Maria xxxx

Amy (Confessions of a Fashion Editor) said...

Sherin, you look absolutely beautiful! I love the second photo especially - but i can see why the price shocked you! That's a lot to have to pay!

Sophie said...

Despite the amazing shots, those prices are shocking. I love your looks, and how great is your mum?!

Rania Kelesidou said...

Love your make-up,looks great!

Lee Oliveira said...

OH wow.. love your photos..
The smile part of your shots are priceless
Lee x

Haute World said...

Gorgeous shots! I love your hair in this and the wind-blown effect in your single shots. Your mum looks fantastic as well. Unfortunately professional photography is really pricey though. You should see what they charge for wedding photography... those prices are even more crazy.

M said...

I have 'won' something like this before - and I loved it (but later lost the photo's I bought - sigh). I do feel concerned though that it's not really 'winning'. I think some photographers will offer it to anyone who enters if business is slow, knowing that once you have them done its really hard not to buy some pictures.

You look do look gorgeous btw :)

M - Tea for Two ♥

Allison said...

Sherin, you are gorgeous to begin with, and this makeover just shows how gorgeous you are in a new way! Your hair looks absolutely amazing, and your mom is beautiful as well. I'm sure she really appreciated you bringing her with you to this - even if the pictures are pretty pricey!
At least now you'll have memories of the wonderful time you spent together :) (And you have some kick ass pictures to show off now!).
Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend!

claire (jazzpad.) said...

What a gorgeous day out! So lovely of you to take your Mum, they do deserve some pampering don't they after all the fretting and running around they do for us :) I've never done a visit like this but I've heard similar stories of the expense! jazzy ♥

Susu Paris Chic said...

You look so beautiful in these shots! The golden shimmer just becomes you. So glamorous in a very kind and just adorable way.

daisychain said...

Oh wow, these photos are seriously stunning lady!

Kimberlee said...

Amazing photos! Aww you and your mum :)

Rachel said...

Sherin, you look fantastic! And that photo of you and your mom is too cute!
Even though it was pricy, it sounds like it was a great time!

Harriet said...

Awww, cute photos - the one of you and your mum is adorable!

Natasha said...

These photos are fantastic, you look so pretty in the last two as well! This looks like a lot of fun but I'd be a bit too self conscious to do anything like this. And thanks for the lovely comment, I had fun experimenting with the make-up, but I'm no professional! xxx

Tasha said...

Oh my goodness both you and you mom look so gorgeous! It sounds like a lovely experience but outrageous prices! That stinks!

Your hair looks beyond stunning with it blowing back like that! Beautiful Sherin!

Kristin said...

You look gorgeous! Love your hair like that!

Anonymous said...

How exciting you won!

Your makeup looks stunning! I love these pictures! You are beautiful.

And what a + having a hot man do your makeup.

cryskay said...

gorgeous! like mother like daughter! xo

check out my GIVEAWAY a la sparkle! said...

Lovely shots Sherin! Your Mom looks great! :)

The student's guide to affordable luxury said...

the photos are great! You look gorgeous both of you ♥

OceanDreams said...

Sherin you look amazing!!! love that photo of you and you mom - you both are just positively glowing!!

Cindy Whitehead said...

You and your mom look GORGEOUS!!!! Love seeing pictures of the two of you! (-:

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