Sunday, 20 February 2011

London Fashion Week: Day 2

After finishing Day 1 prematurely, I got up bright and early on Saturday, so that I could get to Somerset House to catch a 9am Craig Lawrence Live Presentation.
I got to Somerset House slightly earlier, so went to Toni and Guy to book a hair appointment for later that morning, went into the Press Louge, where I grabbed my Vitamin Water fix and the last chocolate croissant (score) and then ran to The Portico Rooms to catch the Craig Lawrence presentation.
The ticket was given to me by my London Fashion Week saviours: Vitamin Water, so a thanks to them is in order. I got there early, so managed to snatch a front row seat, with some pretty expensive water.

The collection was absolutely amazing and definitely my kind of thing. The heels were very very high and there were a lot of dark colours and a lot of slashed/ripped materials. The high heels made the models look remarkably tall and the ripped materials gave an added edge to the collection. It was a vey fun collection and I really enjoyed listening to the designer commentary while the models were showcasing the clothes.


My next stop was Toni and Guy. They were doing complimentary haircuts and I managed to bag myself an appointment. After Aussie, Toni and Guy/Label M are my most trusted hair products (I couldn't live without their Sea Salt Spray). My stylist was the amazing David and he did a fantastic job on my hair! I decided to get a full frontal fringe and centre fringe, so was slightly nervous about changing my hair to something so different from what I usually have (I've had a side parting and side fringe for years). David ensured me that it would suit me and was so much fun to chat with while he was doing my hair. First he blow dried my fringe and cut it so that it was just below my eyebrows. Next he used a round brust and a hair dryer to add the curls. The Label M hairspray worked really well on my hair and the shine mist gave my hair a lot of shine, that lasted all day.
 I absolutely loved how my hair turned out and am fully embracing my new fringe. Here's how it looked when it was done:



I'll be writing about the rest of Day 2 tomorrow, so come back and check it out. In the meantime check out the rest of my pictures from London Fashion Week on my Facebook Page.

Which collections have you been loving at London Fashion Week (or any of your local Fashion Weeks)?

Sherin xx


Sophie said...

your new hair cut is amazing, love it :)

janettaylor said...

Lovely hair!


Leia said...

Sherin your hair! OH MY GOD!! It's so different! I like the way the curls look. Oh and I am loving that blue sparkly dress!

Rachel said...

Oh my god I absolutely love the fact that you have a fringe now!

Lee Oliveira said...

Thats fabulous to see you are at LFW.
The collection is fabulous
Lee x

ellieand said...


The fringe is amazing - so glad to see you managed to get the haircut from T+G, they've done a fantastic job. The cut suits you so well, I always think a blunt fringe can really bring out someone's features. Fab!

Love this collection, is that a jumpsuit I see? Or perhaps just a maxi - either way I love the ripped, edgy style. Great shots.


CaramelLatteKiss said...

Fabulous new hair

heartshapedbruise. said...

Your hair looks gorgeous :)

Randomly, a photo of you just popped up on my Facebook newsfeed - Clothing at Tesco street style..? I was like "I recognise her!"

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh Sherin your new hair looks phenom - j'adore the fringe on you!! :)

Maria said...

I LOVE your hair! It looks gorgeous :) I really wish I could walk in heels after seeing these shots too! :)

Maria xxx

nikkistyle said...

Great collection!

Lil said...

PPQ has been my fave so far I think.
Your hair looks gorgeous! X

daisychain said...

oh wow, your hair looks AMAZING.

Ioana Liliana said...

Great LFW coverage! And your bangs look fab!


Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous photos, darling!
Love your new look!


Hazel said...

Thanks for taking time out to comment on my blog - most kind.
Loving your new fringe - I find I change mine all the time depending on its length, it's amazing the difference it can make.
Looking forward to hearing more about your LWF experience!

La pépite modeuse said...

ggreat blog

OceanDreams said...

looks like you are having an amazing time and love how your hair turned out! i absolutely love the glitter blue dress, stunning!

Aysh said...

Aww your new haircut is fab huny, really suits you. Have been pondering as to whether to go for a fringe myself, score with the free T&G haircut girl! ;)

Victoria said...

Ohhh looks like a good collection and your hair looks gorgeous, you're so lucky to have been there xxx

Style Eyes said...

Oh no, really disappointed I missed this presentation. I couldn't make it because I had complete work overload on Saturday. It looks amazing!Love your hair.

Filipa said...

AAA Fringe alert!!! :) It suits you!! :) I can't bear reading about what everyone is doing at LFW.. going to press lounge and whatnot! it just breaks my little heart! But you have twice as much fun for me, ok?! :)

Stephanie said...

your hair looks so beautiful! I cant believe you're able to go into the shows. I might be in Milan for their fashion week next week so maybe I could sneak into one!

Eternally yours,

Kavery said...

Amazing. He did such a great job.

She's Dressing Up said...

Your hair looks beautiful! :)

Angelica Ng said...

You look so different with that new hair! Cute! As for the clothes, those are amazing! The drama and detailing is fantastic.

jane st. clair said...

ooooooh! i really like your new fringe! this looks like such a fun day. i'd love to go to a london or new york fashion week event!
the little violet dress

Nells said...

great outfit!the pictures are stunning!!loved the entire blog!you do a great job blogging i must say!i hope you visit my blog as well and i can see you on my list!i follow u!
kisses from greece!

Winnie said...

Love the new hair cut! I tried to book one but they were all full for the day. Teaches me to come down just for one day again huh? I love the full fringe on you! I'm slightly biased towards the full fringe haha but it seriously suits you :)

Audrey Allure said...

Your hair looks beautiful! And love the first & second looks from the collection :)

Margaret said...

you look gorgeous!
and so does the collection - i love those boots
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

beingdena said...

Sherin the haircut is AMAZING. i love ur fringe and dying to get one myself.

Dena x

fritha louise said...

Your hair looks amazing! The fringe really suits you!!

ana said...

You look great with your new Hairstyle Sherin!!! and I love the sequin blue dress!!!

Tasha said...

First, Sherin, you bangs looks amazing! Love the new look! :)

Also that first dress in the collection is stunning!!

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