Wednesday, 2 February 2011

IMATS 2011

Over the weekend, I went to the IMATS in London. I went last year and really enjoyed myself, so was excited to get my press passes to go again this year.


The show this year was a lot more packed than last year and everyone looked like they were having fun. I started off the day by watching a presentations by BeautySoClean, who do disinfectant and cleaning products for make up. We all know that old make up is full of bacteria, so something like this is really useful to have.
During the presentation, I learnt a lot about how to look after make up, for example, dirty fingers, dipped into make up, spread bacteria and how using make up or dirty brushes is like drinking from a dirty glass of water. The cleaninfg products looked realy easy to use: all you have to do is spritz the bottle once, 6 inches away from the piece of make up, and then let it settle for 10 seconds. I usually wash my make up brushes after every use, but never thought about the make up itself. I think tis would definitely be a product to pick up and try.

I then spent the next few hours wandering around, looking at all the different stalls, getting some really cool products and enjoying all the really amazing people dressed up and in superb make up. Some of the models walking around looked fantastic, and it was really interesting to see make up artists, working on the models.


There were great masks on display, that have been used in all movies, such as Lord of The Rings, Hellboy, and wide variety of other alien/monstor movies.


I also managed to catch the Student Competition, who's theme was Tribal this year. I was really impressed by the entrants this year and some of them were really unique.


And here are the top 3, chosen by the judges:

3rd Place:

2nd Place (My personal favouite):

1st place:

Don't worry if you weren't able to catch it this year; it takes place every year and also takes place in Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver, New York and L.A., all through the year, so definitely check out the site, and make it to one of the shows. It's a lot of fun and there are some great companies showcasing their products.

More pictures on my facebook page.

Sherin xx


Alex said...

Ooo I'm so excited that you got to go. I was thinking of going this year since they have it in NY. Did you go for 2 days or one? Did you pick up anything?

It will be my first IMAT show if I go so I want to know all about it.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, these photographs are fantastic, Sherin! What an incredible show!! :)

Tasha said...

This looks like a fun event! They get so creative! It's so impressive what they can do with makeup now a days!

Filipa said...

Sherin, that looks awesome! Though not very usable right? :P I can't imagine myself going to work and wearing any of the tribal makeups , haha! But I think that's not the point of it, it's more like an art show, (duuh Filipa! :P ).. And its really interesting about the cleaning of make up! I DIDNT know that make up catches bacteria..well of course its logical but I never thought about it! So who is this company/brand that do it? :)

Haute World said...

Looks like fun! I love all the costumes!

Kristin said...

I actually need to get a good set of makeup brushes so I can use and clean them. HAHA

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Omg all this use of makeup is SO COOL! You're so lucky to attend fabulous shows like these. I love these photos. :)

Ariel Maile Adkins said...

Whoa, this looks awesome! Thanks for sharing the photos!!

Anonymous said...

So nice:)

janettaylor said...



Dressing Up For Me said...

Very interesting looks, indeed!

Dirty brushes and makeup also cause breakouts on your skin.

Kavery said...

Good of you to post this or we'd never get to see them. They come up with such fantastic themes.

Anonymous said...

hey sweets, sorry for my absence. Catching up on ur blog updates now and enjoying myself. that looks like one fab event, ur so lucky u get to attend them all.

hugs x

Winnie said...

Ooh this looks great! I've seen some make up youtubers talk about this on their blogs, It looks like make up heaven!

Clare said...

INCREDIBLE! Some people are makeup geniuses!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of IMATS before- all these things and experiences blogging opens you up to eh? I really want to go next year- it looks amazing, so inspiring!
Thans for your comment on my blog y'day- really meant a lot to me and made me feel so much better!

xxx Maddie

Lee Oliveira said...

What a fabulous event.. The girl who ended up winner is fabulous and super stylish
lee x

thingsIlove said...

WOW! It looks amazing.

Rachel said...

Great photos, Sherin! It looks like this was so much fun to attend!

Imogen said...

What fantastic photos. This looks like such a fun and creative event.


Awesome photos! Looks like a fantastic show...xx

ANN said...

I really need to go to this! It looks amazing!

OceanDreams said...

what a fantastic show and all of the outfits are so unique! glad you had a great time!

Cinz said...

WOW...!!!THose costumes looks wicked and sooo pretty! i never heard of this show before though. Hope it comes to hk but i doubt it,lol.

So you used to live in HK!? What a small world! And i used to study in London,lol.

Yep,the chinese new year was pretty crazy this year and as always, it was filled with festive food, fire works, and lovely family visits:)

Thanks for stoppin by my blog too!!!


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