Friday, 11 February 2011

Enhancing my Assests

Just want a do a quick apology to all my male reader: you will probably feel a tad left out during this post.

Recently, Lingerie Please got in touch asking me if I'd like to have a look at the website and try some things out. I had a look at the site and there were so many great things to pick from, so I decided to pick out a few. They have some great bras and fun lingerie accessories.
 Literally the next day, bright and early on a Saturday morning, I got a package filled with some LingeriePlease goodies. In it was a pair of sparkly, fun straps, a tube top and a pair of Silicone pads.

First, the tube top: this was surprisingly comfortable. I've never worn a tube top before, and I kept expecting it to fall down. I'm glad to say that it only started slipping once during the day: apart from that, it was in place the whole day and it didn't at all feel like I was wearing something different. I thinkthis will be a great piece to have over the summer, to wear with sleevless tops, or at the beach.


My second goody was a pair of these cool straps. I'm not one for showing my bra straps out in public, but if they look like this, I decided to give it a shot. It has this design on the front and the rest of it is is plain ans see through. It was quite easy to add to any bra and I really liked it. They looked really good when I put them on. The straps were see-through and didn't look like they were there, wheras the detailing looked gorgeous.


The silicone pads were my favourite things. I've always been self conscious about my chest, as it's so small, and I'm pretty sure it's getting smaller!! I'd never even thought about wearing silicone pads, but I was very very impressed with these, and they are very soft and silky.


I was slightly apprehensive before wearing them, but I really had nothing to worry about. I wore them to a gig I was at and for the first hour or so, I was quite conscious about wearing them and was constantly making sure that they were still there and in place. But soon after, I completely forgot I was wearing them. They were very comfortable and they fit really well. I felt they gave a little lift to my bust and I really enjoyed wearing them. It was like having a secret! I will be wearing these a lot, especially on dates, hehe, and the packaging states that, if looked after properly, these can last for years!

Have you tried any products like these? Would you every wear silicone shapes?

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Sherin xx


Susie said...

Haha! I loved this post! I am all about the silicona shapes, although i would worry it would be false advertising--haha! love those glittery straps though. so cute.

MLMB said...

This is such a great post! I adore those bra strap things... never knew they existed so will go and look now! Also silicone pads - have just got some myself but not worn them so your review was HUGELY reassuring :) Xxx

Marina said...

love those glittery straps:)))

xx Marina

Tasha said...

How fun you got to try out some new items! I've never actually seen a review on silicone pads before, it was interesting to learn they actually stayed in place! I have the same concerns you did, but it sounds like they worked out rather well! Glad to hear there were no "accidents" with those! :)

michelle_ said...

lol the title of this post is soooo funnyyy !!!
i dont think u sud be self conscious about ur chest ! i think ur figure is really nice !

Cinz said...

wow! they surely gave u some great goodies!:D You're so lucky!

you've never worn tube tops? i used to wear them a lot when i was in high skoool! u know how hot it can get in hk,lol.They're great to style with tops that are way too low cut.

And yes i have those stylish design bra straps too! I've seen them in many bra shops over here.
It's a great way to accessorize with your summery outfits:)

But i gotta give it to the silicione pads! they seem like they work wonders:) Yes, i got a small bust too so i get ya;) but then again im petite so i guess it's proportional? hahaha

Have a great weekend Sherin! So glad i found another great blogger! i'm gonna add ya to my blogroll now! Feel free to add me too:)


Cafe Fashionista said...

I myself have never tried pieces like these; but I do quite adore those straps - too pretty!! :)

Filipa said...

:) What an awesome contact to have :P haha! Tbh, I never needed silicone pads ( ehm, I'm too big- i would LOVE to have small chest!) :( and same goes for the tube bra - it wouldnt work on me. But I would maybe try out the straps:)

inside la senza said...

Intrigued by the silicone pads - strangely reminiscent of a Terry's Chocolate Orange. Hope you're well. Vicky x

Isabel said...

ive never tried them. i think i would for fun but i dont think i really need them

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Frenchy Barbie said...

thanks for your com

Harriet said...

Ooh, I like the look of those jewelled straps. I have never worn any padding because, well since the age of 11 or so I've never needed to! I hated my boobs at the time but I'm a bit more appreciative now, hehe! said...

Haven't tried them. I hope I do not have to. Just the thought seems uncomfortable to me!!

Rachel said...

Those straps are so pretty! I certainly wouldn't worry about bra straps showing if I was wearing those!!

Anonymous said...

Sherin great post, you made me giggle. x

Kristin said...

I have just enough chest area...that if I slipped those things in it could be over the top. HAHA

Soho500 said...

What a cute post. I don't know about the cutlets..I think I would be self conscious and worried that they would pop out.

Kavery said...

The straps are a great idea. Would n't look out of palce unlike the usual strap.

ga said...

I use to be a 34C. Then I got pregnant and was a 34DD for a little while (which I hated) and now I'm down to a 32B. Some days I miss my bigger ladies. When I am feeling particularly down I grab out a lovely secret friend Victoria. I have never tried silicone like that...but I bet it is a wonderful alternative!

annie said...

haha, the "ga" comment was mine. I wasn't done typing it in before I hit enter.

OceanDreams said...

Go you for trying the silicone, hey whatever works to boost your confidence and chest size, he he! ;) Mine would be a bit too big with those, lol.

Danni and Maria said...

Luckily I am lucky enough to be blessed in the chest department but I do think that having a smaller chest means you can often wear more things! I love the jewelled bra straps though, they are very pretty!

Maria xxx

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