Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Halpern Press Day

Last week, I was also at the Halpern Press DAy, and again, there were some really cool collections.

Project D:
This is Danni Minogue's line,along with designer, Tabitha Somerset Webb. The collection was filled with gorgeous and glamorous dresses. The white one is definitley something that will see you through the day and night, and the other dress is really elegant.


There were a lot of gorgeous sunglasses at the Press Day as well. From the likes of Roberto Cavalli and John Galliano, they were all incredible. I do find it hard to find glasses that fit me (I have a small head), but these did look really good. There were a lot of really cool and unique detailing on all the sunglasses.



French Sole:
Mmmmm, shoes. French Sole are an absolutely classic brand and are very well known for their incredible shoes, and espeically flats. I also saw some cute kitten heels, and these pointy toed flats. There were also bags there that fit in so well with the French Sole collections.


 Milly is such a pretty collection. There were some gorgeous pieces, with some great detailing as well. I love that coat below: it's so unique and the buttons were gorgeous. And the dress had a drawstring at the front, giving it a great look.


The first dress is perfectly nautical. We know the nautical trend is going nowhere (yaaay), so it's nice to see a dress like this. I can imagine relaxing in the sun in this dress. And the second dress has pictures of little bugs all over it. Although I can't see myself in this dress, it is definitely unique and interesting.

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Sherin xx


Annie Spandex said...

Ooh, that Milly coat, yes! xx

Style Eyes said...

Love the bug dress. I am also a big fan of Project D.

Claire said...

Project D looks surprisingly promising, and that Milly stuff is all good. I could go for a bug dress!

inside la senza said...

Ooh loving the sunnies - is that newsprint on the top left ones? Gorgeous!

Also am a huge fan of Project D. Whenever Dannii's worn it on X-Factor she's looked amazing.

Vicky x

daisychain said...

I'm suprised by how much I am loving project D

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, French Sole has completely captured my heart!! :)

Anonymous said...

Those sunglasses are hot!

And that one was my favorite dress as well! I showed it to Andrew but he didn't really like it. lol Men. said...

Ooooh, so fantastic!


Anonymous said...

What amazing event. French sole does pointy toes now? wow ;)


Unknown said...

Oh I love the nautical looking dress! Looks gorgeous! And I don't understand why they would put little bugs on a dress? I don't know who would wear that!? lol

The Fashion Buzz said...

Really love Dannii Minogue's collections, so gorgeous! And those pointed shoes are just sooo cute!

WeShop said...

Project D looks so fab and feminine. xx

Mary @ stylefyles said...

Looks like a fun event. Love those heels!!!

Clare said...

The first dress you pictured is positively breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos;)

Winnie said...

The Milly collection looks amazing, especially that monochrome dress!

Joyti said...

Looks like you saw some great pieces. I really like that Project D white-and-black blouse/tunic..

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

Those French Sole shoes look so cute!
Loving all the dresses as well! :)

Angela said...

love that cream yellow ruffle gown.

Unknown said...

eeeep these are so gorgeous! LOVE the pictures <3


Meream said...

Oh my, everything is gorgeous. I am drawn to the first dress and the last dress. Haha

The bow shoes are pretty, too!

PinkBow said...

love french sole shoes, i have quite a few pairs

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